Yes I am an IT Geek and it ain’t that bad of a thing. Read to find out why.

I guess life ain’t that bad after all. Monday morning, 7:30am, sitting at the airport waiting to board a flight to Las Vegas. I will be attending HP Discover the next 4 days. Despite the long days, endless meetings and over indulgence of food and beverages, for those attending the event it isn’t all that bad. You get to visit some of the nicest and most prestigious hotels the world has to offer. Dine in some of the world’s best restaurants. Rub elbows with some of IT’s top minds. Listen to some of IT’s great leaders on how IT is changing the world we live in. Get insight into what’s hot and what’s not in the world of IT. Join some world renowned fellow Bloggers and IT enthusiasts (yes it sounds geeky) to provide live updates for one of IT’s most anticipated conferences of the year. Celebrities like Kunal Nayyar from the Big Bang Theory will be there entire week as the event Emcee. He is one of my favorite actors! Cheryl Crow and Don Henley will close out the event with a concert at Mandalay Bay on Thursday night.

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