Will the Cloud and Big Data improve your business?

Big Data initiatives continue to gain visibility within many IT organizations. We know the amount of data managed by enterprises will grow by a factor of 50% in the next decade. (IDC whitepaper reference below)

So will Big Data eventually be known as Bigger Data? Perhaps not.  In my opinion Big Data will eventually lose it’s buzzword status and simply be known as DATA!  As I continue to scour the Internet and speak with fellow IT professionals, it seems like Big Data has become the norm for many IT Organizations. Dealing with and managing data effectively is becoming a very important task for businesses of all sizes. Unlike with other techniques such as Business Intelligence, Big Data allows people to tap into much larger amounts of data on the fly. The goal is to use this data to discover new insights and improve their overall business.

The Cloud and Big Data

Many IT professionals agree Big Data was born in the Cloud. Yahoo created The Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). Hadoop was an open-source alternative derived from Google‘s MapReduce and Google File System (GFS) papers.

As we know, the Cloud has enabled companies to take advantage of performance computing in a cost effective manner. Relative to Big Data, Cloud Computing is also enabling many businesses to collect, process and manage these large amounts of data. As the Cloud becomes the central point for evolving initiatives, data generation, processing and management continues to grow. Today there more than 5 billion mobile devices in circulation and connected to the Internet. With BYOD initiatives on the rise, large amounts of data are being generated and stored in the Cloud. In addition to traditional “business data” massive amounts of unstructured and machine data from social media are also being generated.

How to deal with Cloud Data in the next decade?

At this point, it is evident that data will continue to grow exponentially. Forrester reports “This year we will hit a volume of 2.7 zettabytes of global digital data” and predicts that “ongoing data growth will outperform Moore’s Law over the next few years.”

Data collection, processing and consumption will grow at an exponential rate year after year.  Many companies seem to think that this can become a burden to manage all this data. Big Data should not be considered a challenge. In reality, it is about the opportunity that today we can turn this huge amount of data into business insight and value. Understand what type of data matters to your organization and set aside some goals to benefit from the data you have in your possession.

IDC Predictions White Paper


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