Why this Blackberry 10 article made me sad. Is it the end? My opinion.

It’s like watching a Prize Winning Horse die a slow painful death. I came across this article the other day and found myself compelled to read it. Is this all the Blackberry 10 has to offer? Really RIM, you are proud to show this stuff off? I must say, being Canadian I took pride in RIM and it’s line of Blackberry Products. A long time Blackberry fan and early adopter, I could not imagine the day I would ever want or need to replace it. I stayed away from the iPhone 3 citing, it was a toy and not a work tool. Excuses, maybe? I resisted as long as I could, but eventually I realized that the iPhone 1, although a toy, was a much more productive tool than the trustworthy reliable Blackberry. The Blackberry was no longer comparable. What was it that made the Blackberry incomparable or made its capabilities fade when looking at its competitors.

Was it the size,  the screen, the OS, the design, the lack of functionality, among other factors. Personally I think it was a lack of focus and ARROGANCE from the Company’s Executive Board which put the product, shareholders and the entire company in jeopardy.

Having visited the RIM campus many years ago when they were in full expansion, I was honored to be part of this amazing Canadian success story. Telling friends and family was like having visited Disney World for the first time. Such a sad turn of events have taken place in the last few years where competitors simply leapfrogged RIM to surpass their line of smart phones and tablet. Let’s not even begin to talk about the Playbook! At this point, I think it’s a lost cause. Look around you. How many Blackberries do you see? Less and less. Those who have Blackberries typically work for a corporation who provide Blackberries to their employees as part of the corporate policy. Eventually when they get their BYOD policy act together, we will see a very dark time for RIM . Wow talk about a doom and gloom article. In the end this is my opinion.  If I were to make a prediction. I would be very surprised if we were to see a Blackberry in 5 years from now.

To see the video from Engadget.com, please click here.