Why doesn’t my company have an APP Store?

Smartphone’s have been gaining popularity over the last couple of years. The apps that come with your Smartphone are just the beginning. Here are the latest US Smartphone market share figures for subscribers aged 13 and above in the three months ending May 2012:

Smartphone platform Market share Quarterly change
Google 50.9% 0.8%
Apple 31.9% 1.7%
RIM 11.4% -2.0%
Microsoft 4.0% 0.1%
Symbian 1.1% -0.4%

In the past, consumers were accustomed with working with traditional Pc’s, having to call tech support, follow internal processes to have an application installed on their Windows XP workstations. Today, a couple of clicks and you have thousands of apps at your fingertips. So, I ask myself the question “Why doesn’t my company have an APP Store?” Why is it so complicated for businesses to develop an App Store for their internal users?

Many IT departments don’t know where to start. Over the last 10 years I have worked within several departments within IT. As business users would describe their IT Department – “The Propeller Head Floor” 🙂 Like many of the archaic applications companies are still using to support their businesses you find the IT dinosaurs supporting and managing these departments. IT today is no longer a nice to have, it is necessary for companies to compete in this competitive global market place. Business owners need to start asking questions.

“IT is seen as facilities, like the lights and the air conditioning, it’s just something that should always be online always working, like the FT arriving on the desk on time. There is no excuse for failure, for outages, whatever justification there is, IT just has to work.

When a senior business executive was asked to rate the most important thing to him on a daily basis he replied that the FT arrived on time and that the desk has been cleaned, it was assumed that the IT would be online. Why wouldn’t it?”

While at HP Discover a couple of weeks ago, Chris Anderson from Wired Magazine, was talking about the challenge facing IT. How to manage expectations of what IT can deliver traditionally within the enterprise setting with those of what the end user can actually provision, request or use online, in the cloud or using open source technology – the gmail scenario.

Is your company delivering cloud based services within your enterprise? Below is VMware’s answer to the Enterprise App Store. Enjoy!



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