What’s your Corporate #BYOD Strategy? Big Blue gets it!

The smart device has become part of our everyday culture and you can even say certain mobile devices are being  associated with specific personalities.
Ever heard someone say… “I didn’t think you used a Blackberry?” or “Are you Android or I-Phone person?”

I came across an article which sheds some light on a very sensitive and pertinent subject nowadays. (url below)

“So far, about 120,000 users are accessing IBM’s network through mobile devices, and of that total, 80,000 are supplying the device and paying the monthly service fees, according to IBM spokesman Tim O’Malley. The remaining 40,000 are using smartphones issued by IBM. The company has an “aggressive” projection for growth for this year, although a specific figure wasn’t available, O’Malley said.”

Based on my experience, employees and IT professionals want to use a device which fits their “personal & business needs”. They need to feel confident with their work tools, whether it is a smart phone, tablet or laptop. They want to know they will have what it takes to get the job done. I recently attended an IT gathering where an employee for a very large corporation was speaking about her BYOD experience. Her laptop computer was constantly having technical issues and slowed down her productivity tremendously. She eventually got fed up of “fighting” with her laptop and IT dept and went out and bought a MacBook Air, despite it not being supported by her IT Dept.
Her frequent travel schedule also required something light weight to carry around. At the end of the day the MacBook “suited” her better. More often than not, this will be the case, as younger more IT savvy professionals are becoming independent of their IT dept and become self sufficient professionals.
Slowly, the concerns related to “Computer Refreshes” will now begin to shift to securing the Mobile Workforce as they bring more of their own devices to work.

Here is the complete article on IBM’s approach to BYOD
Thank you.