Look who’s innovating at VMworld 2013

Having attended many IT conferences, in my career, you learn to expect the same from every event. The keynotes, the abundance of food and drink and of course the countless vendors each trying to showcase there new bells and whistles. Of course I think that is important, that is why I go. however when attending many of these events, as I have written in the past, I find myself gravitating towards the vendors I know little about. Those small “nimble” vendors are often new to the conference or event who often have just enough budget to get themselves on the perimeter of the showroom floor. Their employees are more than eager and excited to talk to you about their products which more often than not, are revolutionizing the industry.

When browsing the VMworld 2013 Exhibitors page this week, I came across the list of vendors which VMware deems New “Innovators”. I figure that these companies are probably exhibiting at VMworld for the first time. I compiled a list and thought a shout out would be appropriate for the VMworld 2013 Innovators.

  • AirVM
    • Website: http://www.airvm.com/
    • About the company: AirSembly is a Cloud Delivery and Commercialization Platform for VMware Clouds. AirSembly enables the sale of customized cloud services via multi-tiered distribution channels. AirSembly is available as a hosted service or can be deployed in your own data center.
    • Twitter: @AirVM
  • CloudByte
    • Website: http://www.cloudbyte.com/
    • About the company: CloudByte ElastiStor is a full-featured software-defined storage QoS solution, purpose-built for the cloud and virtualized environments. Software-only ElastiStor makes storage predictable, affordable and easy, even as you scale to thousands of applications. Installable on a wide range of industry-standard servers, ElastiStor frees enterprises and service providers from any vendor lock-ins. ElastiStor allows you to custom-build storage infrastructure based on your requirements, with support for SATA, SAS and SSD hardware as well as NFS, CIFS, FC and iSCSI protocols.
    • Twitter: @CloudByteInc
  • Cumulus Networks
    • Website: http://cumulusnetworks.com/
    • About the company: Cumulus Linux is a software-only solution that enables users to take full advantage of the latest, industry-standard networking hardware while enabling the latest Linux applications and automation tools. Cumulus Linux reduces complexity and simplifies network management while delivering new levels of scalability and flexibility to the data center
    • Twitter: @CumulusNetworks

  • FSLogix
    • Website: http://fslogix.com/
    • About the company: Founded by industry veterans Kevin Goodman and Randy Cook, FSLogix is a startup that came out of stealth mode at BriForum Chicago 2013. FSLogix Apps provides Dynamic Application Visibility, which enables policy-based control of when any application is visible to individual users or groups from a single golden image. With FSLogix Apps, IT administrators realize the benefits of application virtualization for all Windows® applications on physical, VDI and Citrix/RDS platforms.
    • Twitter: @fslogix
  • Logi Analytics (formerly LogiXML)
    • Website: http://www.logianalytics.com/
    • About the company: Logi Analytics enables organizations to put information to work by allowing them to create web-based BI and analytic applications that can be integrated directly within the applications, systems, and processes that support their business – all at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.
    • Twitter: @logianalytics
  • Nuage Networks
    • Website: http://www.nuagenetworks.net/
    • About the company: Nuage Networks fully virtualizes and automates any datacenter network infrastructure, transforming it into a reflexive environment that instantaneously establishes the network services required to deliver cloud applications across thousands of tenants in a policy-driven manner.
    • Twitter: @nuagenetworks
  • PLUMgrid
    • Website: http://plumgrid.com/
    • About the company: The PLUMgrid Platform is a new kind of Virtual Network Infrastructure (VNI) that allows businesses to completely replicate the functions of a physical network infrastructure (PNI) in a virtual environment, without requiring new hardware investment or changes to existing hardware infrastructure.
    • Twitter: @PLUMgrid
  • Rapid7
    • Website: http://www.rapid7.com/
    • About the company: Rapid7 provides vulnerability management, compliance and penetration testing solutions for web applications, network and database security.
    • Twitter: @Rapid7
  • Teneable Network Security
    • Website: http://www.tenable.com/
    • About the company: Tenable Network Security is a company specializing in enterprise-class software and hardware products for gathering, evaluating, communicating and reporting IT security and compliance information.
    • Twitter: @tenablesecurity
  • TwinStrata
    • Website: http://www.twinstrata.com/
    • About the company: TwinStrata CloudArray cloud storage gateway makes cloud storage as fast, accessible and secure as local storage and provides instant DR to anywhere.
    • Twitter: @TwinStrata
  • Zadara Storage
    • Website: http://www.zadarastorage.com/solutions/
    • About the company: The Zadaraâ„¢ Storage VPSAâ„¢ (Virtual Private Storage Arrayâ„¢) technology looks, performs and behaves like an Enterprise NAS appliance—with an NFS server, dual HA controllers, dedicated high performance drives and Enterprise class NAS features—but is offered as a service at public cloud providers (Amazon AWS, Rackspace and Dimension Data) in a pay-per-usage service, today.
    • Twitter: @ZadaraStorage

Congrats to the vendors who are going to be exhibiting at VMworld. Wishing you a great VMworld conference and much success in the future.