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VMware has something which many technology companies of its size do not. A following of socially active professionals who truly thrive on community interaction with the premise that giving back is what it’s all about. I have attended many conferences throughout my career, but none like VMworld when it comes to COMMUNITY and social activity that goes on. I don’t want to knock other companies or other vendors for their social presence not being up to par with VMware, but rather I prefer to say the bloggers and socially active IT pros who are VMware and Virtualization experts, truly are a breed of their own. The passion demonstrated is second to none. You can see it in the various sessions, the impromptu hallways discussions, VMUG community, the, vDodgeball event at VMworld, the vBrown Bag sessions, the “selfies” taken by the Selfie King: Angelo Luciani and many other countless formats.

Here I am with Angelo Luciani – (we only got the top of his head on this one). Accompanied by, Jonathan Frappier, Eric Wright, Dan Barber.


Why are we Social?

The reason I got into blogging a few years ago, was after attending VMworld in 2010 and seeing all the community had to offer. Over the last couple of years I believe I have established myself in the blogger community and with the help of my colleague and friend Ernesto Pellegrino we founded the 1CloudRoad Content Network. With over 50 contributors, 3000+ Twitter followers and regular engagement on Twitter, we are proud of the progress we have made since our official launch in early 2012. Like many communities, 1CoudRoad is a community of bloggers who willfully share their content and insight to others, so that they could learn and benefit from their experiences. 1CloudRoad is constantly developing enhancements to its framework. With our software developers, we have created a social syndication framework that helps bloggers get their message to a larger and more pertinent audience. Watch our video here!

Honorable Mentions

Many of the bloggers I come into contact with, mention John Troyer as being the person who really started the movement for VMware and making the social community around VMware and its partners what it is today. Although John and I never officially met, I have seen him at many events, however as he is always in deep conversation with someone, I never had the (what’s the word I am looking for) courage??? to go over and say “Hey John. What you have done is awesome???” I guess I just did. J I could go through a long list of folks who have contributed tremendously over the last few years, but I am sure I would forget hundreds of them.

1CloudRoad at vFlipCup Community Event

1CloudRoad wanted to make our presence felt at VMworld and decided to sponsor our first community event. 1CloudRoad entered a team of “Professional” Cup Flippers into the Annual Official Social Community Event, “vFlipCup”. The event took place at Folsom Street Foundry in San Francisco. There was a great turnout and 16 teams participated. We are proud to say that we made it to the round of 8. We were knocked out by a hair in a controversial decision. Unfortunately no instant replay was available for this event. J. 1CloudRoad was represented by

Luigi Tiano – @ltiano

Calvin Zito – @hpStorageGuy

Chris Nakagaki – @zSoldier

Luigi Danakos – @NerdBlurt

Byron Schaller – @byronschaller

Philip Sellers – @pbsellers

1CloudRoad wants to thank Actifio for putting the event together and allowing us to participate. We had an awesome time.

Here are some pics from the event.

vFlipCup-1CloudRoadTeam vFlipCup 1CloudRoad PracticingvFlipCup Trophy-1cloudroad

IMG_1096Hope everyone had a great VMworld. See you all on Social Media!


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