VMworld 2014 US Keynote and Announcement Recap

VMworld 2014: Literally Ground Shaking

Allow me to start by saying that being woken up out of my bed at 3:20am Sunday morning (day 1 of VMworld), looking out the 10th floor window at downtown San Francisco and feeling like I am on a small boat is not the most comforting feeling in the world. In those quick but long 20 seconds, you cannot help to think. Is this the big one? The most ironic part of all this is that VMworld’s art work for 2014 was designed to look like it was earth shattering.

VMworld Announcements

VMword welcomed over 22000 attendees and as usual everyone was excited to hear what the leader in Virtualization had to say about the state of IT, virtualizaiton, the Software Defined Data Center and Cloud this week. With over 400 sessions and the various general sessions, attendees paid close attention to major announcements in an effort to understand how the new technology and advancement could help them. In all honesty, I don’t think there were any ground-breaking announcements. Through speaking with fellow bloggers much of the news heard seemed to have been leaked before the conference actually took place. Nonetheless we got to hear from the VMware Leaders. The show kicked off with Robin Matlock, Chief Marketing Officer welcoming everyone in the opening keynote on Day 2. Shortly after, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger took the stage. Pat challenged the room saying that as customers they need to challenge their competition with innovation. On day 2, we also heard from the following speakers.

Bill Fathers – General Manager VMware vCloud Air

Ben Fathi – Office of the CTO of VMware

Sanjay Poonen – General Manager End User Computing

Kevin Ichhpuran from SAP announce a partnership for mobile environments.

Kit Colbert – End User Computing CTO

Raghu Raghuram, EVP SDDC

Here is a list of topics which made the announcements. Note: I did not cover all the announcements and updates. For a complete list you can watch the keynote replays here.

Acquisition of AirWatch (and CloudVolmumes)

Hyper Converged infrastructure VMware EVO: RAIL

A family of products and integrated solution which helps speed up the SDDC. Essentially it’s a bundle of hardware and software delivered through the OEM partners and making it available as an integrated solution. The first 5 official partners to offer the EVO Rail are the following. Dell, EMC, Fujitsu, Inspur, Net One Systems Co. and Supermicro. VMware will streamline the purchase and deployment of this hyper-converged infrastructure appliance. VMware EVO: RAIL will be offered by partners as a single SKU covering hardware, software, and support and services costs, with partners offering single point-of-contact support.

VMware Integrated OpenStack

VMware released a OpenStack Distribution. IMHO, a little late to the party, but then again, late is better than never 🙂 Learn more about it here.

VMware NSX 6.1

  • NSX 6.1 is intended for vSphere hypervisor deployments. It is often referred to as NSX-v or NSX for vSphere
  • NSX 6.1 includes micro-segmentation where networking and security services are included into the platform so whenever and wherever a virtual machine (VM) moves in a network, it is followed by security rules.

VMware vRealize Suite

  • A cloud management platform purpose-built for the hybrid cloud. – See more at: http://www.vmware.com/products/vrealize-suite. Included the following
  • Automated provisioning and delivery of services
  • Resource and Capacity Optimization
  • Monitoring and performance Management
  • Costing and Metering

Conference Amenities and Food

The Moscone Center is a great place to hold a conference. When the attendee list becomes large: ie 22K attendees, it may become tough to get everyone in close proximity to the event. Some of those I spoke with seemed to have that issue. Booking early is always better! Be prepared for next time. Nonetheless San Francisco is a beautiful city and it did a fantastic job hosting VMworld.

The Hang Space was well designed and a great place to meet people. Kudos to Tony Dunn and his team. As usual the Social aspect was really well done and the large screens in the Hang Space made it so much more evident.

Now comes my critiques section. Please note I don’t have many negative things to say about the event. My mother always taught me not say anything unless I had something good to say. That is typically my rule except in this case, I cannot hold myself back. The food at VMworld was not to my liking! I am not a big fan of conference food in general. For the most part it comes in those heated metal containers which sit on tables for hours at a time. I know it is not easy to feed 20 thousand + in a timely manner, however at the price of a conference badge, something better needs to be done.

VMworld Party

Admittedly, I did not attend the concert / party. The Black Keys were the entertainment. Since I could not attend live, I followed the action via Twitter and it was filled with mixed reviews demonstrating both extremes. Some saying the Black Keys were fantastic and it was the best concert they had ever seen, while some saying that they just plain sucked. Hey, I guess you cannot please everyone.

VMworld Barcelona

What’s next for VMware. For those interested, VMworld is heading to Barcelona, Spain in October. My assumption is that much of the same announcements will be made and perhaps some more information and clarification surrounding announcements we heard this week. Be sure to check out the VMworld Barcelona website.


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