VMworld 2014 Day 1 Recap

VMworld 2014 Day 1 Recap

Another VMworld kicked off today. Customers, partners and IT experts in general made their way to the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The weather is fantastic, the venue is well decorated and the attendees poured in.

VMworld 2014-1cloudroad.com

Opening Acts from #VMunderground & #vBrownBag

The day kicked off with some exciting panels organized by the folks at #VMunderground & #vBrownBag. Software-Defined Warm-Up Party as a Service. For a follow up on each of these panels, please check out Twitter or the blogs associated with those who made up each of the panels listed here. http://blog.vmunderground.com/2014/08/05/opening-acts-2014-panelists-moderators/

VMworld Welcome Reception

The welcome reception took place at 4pm and the show floor was buzzing! The vendors were primed to talk to as many customers and attendees as possible. The show floor was charged with the typical larger vendors making up the core of the show floor.Here are some pictures which show how alive the show room floor was.

VMworld 2014-1cloudroad.comVMworld 2014-1cloudroad.comVMworld 2014-1cloudroad.com

VMworld Community Hang Space

I made my way to the VMware Hang Space to find that it was not yet opened. That did not stop me :-). I took the liberty of showing myself around. 🙂 I was impressed with what I saw. I got a behind the scenes look at the Hang Space. The hang space is dedicated to those who will be lighting up the social media channels specifically with blogs, tweets and video blogs.

VMworld 2014 Hang Space -1cloudroad.com

VMworld 2014 Hang Space -1cloudroad.com VMworld 2014 Hang Space -1cloudroad.com VMworld 2014 Hang Space -1cloudroad.com IMG_3758


See you all tomorrow at the Hang Space and the 1st General Session and be sure to come and encourage the 1CloudRoad.com team at vFlipCup.


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