VMware’s Zimbra not in the roadmap anymore

Over the last couple of years VMware has made a couple of acquisitions in order to position themselves in the market place. The acquisition I will be focusing on in this blog is Zimbra “The next-generation open source email, calendar and collaboration software. In 2010 Zimbra was to support VMware’s “Mission of Simplifying IT”

So let’s start with Zimbra. Why did VMware purchase this software and for how much? Accroding to VMware’s CTO blog, there where two primary reasons for the acquisition:

  1. Zimbra will further our mission of simplifying IT
  2. Zimbra will add to the portfolio of offerings we provide our VMware vCloudâ„¢ partners

Vmware’s goal to simply IT is laid out in the diagram below. Zimbra was to be one of many applications that would run in the “SaaS” layer. As Steve Herrod described it;

VMware vSphere-based compute and storage infrastructure upon which they can offer what is commonly referred to as “infrastructure-as-a-service” (IaaS). With the acquisition of SpringSource, we can enable our partners to offer a higher level of cloud-based service; one where programmers can write their code and let the cloud handle the details of how and where it runs. This is commonly referred to as “platform-as-a-service” (PaaS). And with Zimbra, we will now offer our partners an even higher level of cloud capability; one where customers can simply use an application without worrying about the details of how and where it runs. This top layer of the hierarchy is known as “software-as-a-service” (SaaS).

Zimbra SAAS








In regards to how much, the 2010 VMware acquisition amount remains undisclosed. However we know Yahoo had purchased the open source software suite three years prior for 350$ million.

Now let’s focus on the sale of Zimbra three years following the acquisition. On July 15th, “Telligent acquries Zimbra from VMware” for an undisclosed amount. Telligent vision for Zimbra is;

Telligent and Zimbra will merge to form Zimbra, a new software company offering a unified social collaboration suite.


How about the existing Zibra customers, the 55 million paid mailboxes at 150k organizations in 90+ counties. No need to panic Zimbra customers ,VMware will continue working with Telligent as a strategic partner in order maximize customer and partner continuity according to VMware. It will also continue to hold a minority equity investment in Telligent along with a number of other investors. Rest assured if they remain invested..they will make sure you are taken care of! Below are the investors that are funding this venture along with their investment strategy;

Zimbra, which will receive investments from Intel Capital, NXT Capital Venture Finance, BDCA, Hall Financial Group and VMware, will offer the first, unified social collaboration suite built for the post-PC era.


Questions remains  “will Socialcast be next on the list?”   Socialcast joined the acquisitions list along with Zimbraâ„¢, along with the introduction of VMware Horizon App Managerâ„¢, in helping advance their vision for a modern end-user computing model.”  Will Telligent be the VMware’s POST-PC engine?

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