VMware VSOM – The Musical

What is VSOM? AKA – vSphere with Operations Management.

 vSphere with Operations Management offers a more intuitive user interface than vCenter Server and improves monitoring capabilities by adding predictive analytics to help with faster problem discovery, resolution and remediation as well as more efficient resource management

Deploying an efficient and effective monitoring solution is often perceived as a long and complex process, especially if little to no subject matter expertise exists within the organization around particular applications or IT components. Now imagine trying to sell this solution to customers. Easy to Deploy, Complete Visibility, Remediation. All promises that customers have  heard already. So why is VSOM any different? What are the real benefits?   Well, my good friend Mannny Gonzalez put together a great montage that explains just that. I encourage all of you to take a couple of minutes to view and enjoy the video. I vouch for 2 things after watching the video;

  1. You will understand how VSOM will help your organization!
  2. You will laugh!

Enjoy and thank You Manny for sharing this with 1Cloudroad!


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