VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5.5 – What’s New

VMware vCenterâ„¢ Site Recovery Manager provides automated orchestration
and non-disruptive testing of centralized recovery plans to simplify DR management for all virtualized applications. It natively integrates with vSphere Replication and supports a broad set of high-performance array-based replication products to reliably copy virtual machines across sites. As of version 5.5, VMware introduced several news features and enhancements that are highlighted below;

Multiple Point in Time Recovery with vSphere Replication
Choose to recover to a previous ‘known good point’ after failover, in case of corruption in the last replica. Preserve a subset of historical replicas.

Support for Storage vMotion and Storage DRS
vSphere Storage vMotion and Storage DRS can now be used for virtual machines protected by Site Recovery Manager at the production site.

Multiple vSphere Replication Appliances per vCenter
Intra-site or inter-site replication with or without a vCenter Serverâ„¢ present, e.g. Remote offices. Up to 10 targets per vCenter Server.

Dramatic speed improvement on vSphere Replication
New optimizations gain up to 5x speed improvement in replication.

Multiple Points in Time Recovery
Choose to revert to a previous ‘known good point’ after failover

Please make sure to check out the VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5.5 datasheet for more information.

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