VMware gets into the Cloud Business – VMware vCloud Hybrid Service

VMware announced last month that they will be getting into the Cloud Business and will be looking at getting into the Gartner Visionaries Column along with Tier-3, RackSpace and Virtustream. So why the sudden interest in becoming a Cloud Provider? How long has VMware been working on this project? What makes them different?

Well ‘Project Zephyr’ has been in the works for about a year now according to CRN. CRN also reported that VMware purchased an entire Data Center in Las Vegas last year to host this so called vCloud Hybrid Service. While not an Amazon/Rackspace killer out of the gate, vCloud Hybrid Service is will definitely eat a piece of the Cloud (IAAS) pie. Over the last couple of years, VMware has grown its hyper-visor market-share and is the Industry leader. This install base will be its bread and butter for the new vCloud Hybrid Service. VMware wants to extend the architecture that people have become accustomed to in their highly virtualized environments and private clouds, into the public cloud.

VMware vCloud Hybrid Suite


Key Differentiation: Private or Public , Any Application, Any Place – No Changes!




Today most of the Cloud Providers are considered hybrid. When leveraging a hybrid cloud providers the customer requires a high level of consistency between clouds. In regards to customer that have got on the virtualization band wagon, they have made a significant investment in “private cloud”  including enterprise hardware – servers, storage, networking and security, virtualization, management software and revamped business processes. Majority of these customers have leveraged VMware for virtualization and some of them have started building catalogs of gold templates and vApps for their virtual environment. This is where vCloud Hybrid Service is a perfect fit as it is designed to replicate your data center. It is built on the same stack that these customers are currently using and that makes it simple for them to treat it as a natural extension to your current data center.

So simple…When you go to McD, do you order a Big Mac and get your fries at Burger King? Didn’t thinks so! The VMware partner eco-system has developed ties and relationships with its customers and they will soon have another SKU to add to their repertoire. (My2Cents)

This complete compatibility across the entire stack is the VMware Value Add. The Value Add that will carve out space in a marketplace.

For more information feel free to visit VMware’s vCloud Hybrid Service landing page. They discuss the two offerings that will be available in the VMware vCloud Hybrid Service in Q3 2013.





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