VMware CTO Steve Herrod’s Software Defined Data Center – Video, articles, links and more!

For years, I have been trying to advocate the importance of software in the data center. The software along with your strategy will ultimately drive IT infrastructure and Operations to a new and more effective level. As long as the computing power is available locally or in the CLOUD, the software will define the data center. VMware’s CTO has been very vocal in describing his vision and the importance of the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). Here is a link to Steve Herrod’s blog on SDDC - http://bit.ly/LfbuHF

Steve has used some of the following quotes to define his message… source http://bit.ly/JfJu4s

“Although VMware will always work with hardware partners, if you’re a company building very specialized hardware … you’re probably not going to love this message.”

“Today’s data center is almost a history museum of past IT ideas”

Steve also spent 20+ minutes on stage talking about the SDDC. Here is a link to Steve Herrod’s Keynote at Interop in May. – Click the link to view the video http://bcove.me/zjvp7ae0

In the last month, several major purchases made by VMware and Oracle truly demonstrate what matters most in your data center and what we should expect moving forward as this redefining begins to take shape.

Here are a few articles which provide the details of each transaction.

VMware Buys DynamicOps, Accelerates Software-Defined Data Center  – Click for link - http://bit.ly/Nt3MId

VMware Buys Nicira For $1.26 Billion - Click for link – http://read.bi/O0BJ8Z

Oracle Buys Xsigo To Boost Cloud Prowess - Click for link - http://bit.ly/M5sM8M

I have been really hard lately on VMware since their solutions and message have become stagnant. I think this is a step in the right direction. I think there is a lot of work to be done. Building a very robust Hypervisor has gotten them this far, however it seems like their complementary solutions have been lagging behind and the adoption by customers has been slow. This is the prime reason why the acquisitions are beginning to generate more headlines.

In my humble opinion, VMware and Oracle felt pressure from some of the other leading Cloud Vendors. Building an effective and agile cloud requires several moving parts. The underlying technology of your cloud infrastructure,(hardware and hypervisor) although very important, can easily become forgotten and or obsolete if its functionalities do not branch into other areas of your cloud offerings. Vendors who become “1 Trick Pony’s” either get bought out or will eventually lose a grasp on the market they once owned.

I am curious to know what you think. Please let me know.

Wishing VMware and Oracle all the best.



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