Viewing — with Google Glasses — before taking action at HP Discover

Google Glass

Beth Isreal Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) CIO John Halamka explains the benefits of how wearables like Google Glass empower physicians with timely context-specific information about their patients even while they are interacting with them in person. This is Google Glass applied to the healthcare industry. Like Big Data and Cloud, IoT has its own way of making a difference across industries. Prompts me to look at Session DT 3809 on how Google Glass can be used to view information that matters as I go through the HP Discover Session Catalog. The old adage – Look before you leap – takes on a new meaning – View before you act – through this HP Discover session on Google Glasses.

Look (View) before you leap (Act)

Dr. Halamka describes how Google Glass makes a difference in patients’ lives through timely, accurate treatment and diagnosis. It’s all about effective application of such technologies by being your own device in the world of IoT. Google Glass is but one of the many things that make up the IoT ecosystem. Its application across industries opens up exponential channels for interaction with humans in various capacities.

I look at the text in the DT 3809 abstract and cannot wait to view the information to be shared in this session. Join me as I walk through various scenarios where Google Glass can be effectively applied to view the information while looking at the data.

1. Finance: A teller looks at the customer who walks into the bank. Teller views a comprehensive profile of the customer that suggests cross-sell and upsell opportunities even before the customer steps up to the counter.

2. Retail: A customer casually looks at an item of interest and immediately views real-time insight into competitive deals available at other stores in the neighborhood.

3. Tourism: You land at a tourist spot, check into the hotel. Once you look at the first landmark, you view theinformation about that landmark—its history, significance, and etc.

4. Travel: You rush to the airport cabin, baggage in hand, and you look at the displays to see that the flight is cancelled. Instantly, you can view all other options for alternative transportation available in the next few hours.

5. Real Estate: You casually drive through a neighborhood of interest, look at a house, and view the history of ownership, the maintenance work done on the house, the number of times it has been sold.

These are but some of the applications of Google Glass. I look forward to attending the DT 3809 session to interact with the attendees to obtain other points of view. How about you? What other scenarios can you think of?

Meanwhile, while I hear Dr. Halamka in the background and listen with great interest,the manner in which Google Glass was part of the physicians’ wardrobe at BIDMC. Come to think of it, is that another wearable? One that allows us to listen to information while hearing about the data? Got to add that to my wardrobe.

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