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Unwrap the Applications Transformation package at HP Discover Barcelona

BarcelonaIt is that time of the year when we exchange gifts during the Holiday season.  Gifts are most effective when they come as a complete package with all the accessories needed – batteries included.  This is true for partners as well who serve as the GPS for enterprises engaged in the Applications Transformation journey.  In this interview on CBR, Paul Evans, HP Worldwide Lead for Application Transformation explains how HP has pulled together different disciplines across their partner base to make it an enjoyable end user experience for apps.  He asserts that HP has unique blend of not only being contemporary but also reliable and mature – a characteristic that should come across in the abstracts for the Applications Transformation conference in Barcelona. Join me as I unwrap the Applications Transformation package at the HP Discover conference in Barcelona.

1. Applications. Evans himself leads with a session on the exciting time for apps (TK2350) that has evolved into the image of the enterprise (DF3296). Forrester VP, John McCarthy would agree through his succinct assertion: “Software is the new brand.” BB3215 highlights the vital need for CIOs to have a System of Engagement with the CMOs. DT2387 explains why a compelling user experience is essential, and DT2388 explains how you would do it.

2. Modernization. Applications Transformation is a strategic exercise. 20th Century Fox CIO John Herbert introduced Journey Management in Las Vegas. DF2560 discusses the strategy for the journey to the Cloud. DF2576 and takes you through migration. DF3346 discusses when to migrate. DF3293 wonders about the cost of running your applications. Do you have the mechanisms in place to track cloud ROI?

3. Cloud. DT2399 discusses developing new apps for the Cloud while explaining how traditional apps can become cloud apps (DT2400). For best practices, check out DF3294.

4. Mobility. Mobility is addressed through the design and development (DT2389) of secure, high quality (DT2390) mobile apps that run anywhere anytime (DF3296).

5. Management. Management of the Cloud solutions deployed must not be an afterthought. Check out DF2558.

Experience and maturity in Applications Transformation comes across in the TB1896 (Apps), TB1895 (Mobility), and TB1890 sessions, which provide an overview of how HP IT has embraced these concepts within HP.

The extensive partner base is evident from these sessions: SAP (BB2129), CapGemini (BB1940), Citrix (BB3193), ORACLE (BB1861) and Accenture (BB1813).

There you have it. As I untie the red bow, I get a picture of an organization that:

  • “Builds a better enterprise together”
  • Serves as the Transformation GPS in the journey to the Cloud.
  • Strategizes and migrates the right applications
  • Has the expertise in designing and building applications for the cloud
  • Manages the modernized applications in the cloud with the right tools.
  • Brings together an ecosystem of service providers.

I get a complete package that is vital to a successful Applications Transformation journey. How about you? Which Applications Transformation sessions are you planning on attending?  Please let me know.

Happy Holidays!

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E.G.Nadhan has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry across the complete spectrum of selling, delivering and managing enterprise level solutions for HP customers. Nadhan is the Chief Architect for the standardized framework of process and tooling assets used to deliver Applications solutions within HP Enterprise Services. In this role, he works with strategic customers to realize productivity gains through the systematic incorporation of automation based on these assets across the Applications development and management lifecycle. Nadhan is an active HP blogger and has published over 200 posts in 1.5 years in multiple blogs including HP, The Open Group and the ECIO Forum. Nadhan is an active participant in the social media through Twitter Chats and can be followed on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Journey Blog.

Website: http://www.linkedin.com/in/egnadhan
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Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/NadhanAtHP

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