Simplifying Virtualization with HP Converged

I had a chance to attend the HP Discover Blogger Coffee Talk Session with the HP Converged Infrastructure Teams. What is the main idea behind Converged Infrastructure;

In today’s “need it now” business environment, you need  simple systems that drive faster time-to-value. You search for scalable systems that meet your business requirements today  and tomorrow. And you want all those capabilities rolled up  into one complete integrated package. You can get all this and more when you deploy HP ConvergedSystem for Virtualization.


IT is changing or at least starting to change..Several SMB organizations are already taking advantage of Cloud or a Hybrid Approach to infrastructure as a service. However most mid-size/large organizations are choosing to keep infrastructure within. Several reasons come to mind like security, process and dinosaur management 🙂 So HP is catering to these organizations by providing them a simplified approach and faster time to market.

How can a Converged System provide value to your organization? If your organization looking to deploy new Virtualization Infrastructure or add to your existing infrastructure, HP is providing a simplified approach. Basically, reducing your organizations time to value. They have built easy-to-deploy systems that will enable your organizations to rapidly respond to business demands for  new services. I always tell my customers if there is an out of the box approach, it is typically your best option. Why have your internal resources researching hardware (Servers, Sans, Fabrics, Switches) when they could focus on the business needs. After all the main goal is ensuring compatibility and confirm post production support.  Basically all this hardware and software components that make up the Virtualization infrastructure are being provided out of the box by HP Converged. They are doing all the heavy lifting for you and supporting it.

HP’s Simplifying Virtualization Key Points

 HP Converged System for Virtualization are built on the market-leading HP Converged Infrastructure platform across every level of the system stack—including the industry’s leading blade architecture, leading industry standard servers, unique converged scale-out storage, Flex Network connectivity, and common management integrated with our partners’ virtualization solutions. These proven innovations are delivered and serviced by a single vendor and supported by a single contact to provide a total system experience.

  • Designed for convergence, these systems provide the utmost simplicity and ease-of-use in deploying and managing the system’s complete lifecycle, ultimately enabling shorter time to application value.
  • Providing excellent scalability and flexibility, HP ConvergedSystem for Virtualization are designed to support the needs of midsize businesses to large enterprises.
  • Delivering an open and standards-based solution with scalability on three dimension security, agility, and consistency.

HP Converged System for Virtualization are available in three “right-size” configurations—
purpose-built for your virtualization sweet spot.

  • HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Virtualization
    Designed to grow, HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Virtualization 50–300 virtual machines
  • HP ConvergedSystem 700 for Virtualization
    Optimized for large and demanding data centers, HP ConvergedSystem 700 for Virtualization 100 to 1,000 or more VMs
  • HP ConvergedSystem 700x – Providing additional flexibility, including support for both Microsoft and VMware, while still offering the benefits of accelerated delivery, unified management, and system-level single-vendor support.

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