Shadow IT. When your IT dept just does not cut it!

For several years now we hear how IT and the ever famous “business” must continuously work together.  I’m sure you have often heard the cliché, “IT is the Business and Business is IT.

With the advent of social media and how information is consumed at such a rapid rate, many businesses I see have trouble staying ahead of the curve. How does one explain how RIM – the makers of the Blackberry failed to realize it’s competitors were swallowing up their market share and did nothing while others passed them by. A little history lesson for some of you. The Blackberry was one of the most popular smart phones of all time.  A true pioneer many will say. Hard to believe they controlled the Smart-phone market. But this was a while back… Almost 3 years ago!!! In today’s world, that is a long time ago! You may come across one on occasion. OK enough with my sarcasm. Today more than ever, businesses need to be agile. They need to react quickly based on hundreds of variable factors around them. Competition is fierce.

For details on the RIM’s Blackberry World, click here.

Now to my point. What happens when your IT dept cannot keep up with the ” Business” Requirements? What happens when your Top Line Revenue is directly impacted because of the lack of agility within your IT staff and infrastructure? Yes you have virtualized. Yes you have adopted some form of Cloud. Yes you have orchestration in place and your IT is humming along. Yes you have a PMO which oversees all of this. But at end of the day, is this enough? In the last few months, I have witnessed first hand where the business has had to go outside of their internal IT service provider to develop their own solution sets to match their business needs. How disappointing for a CIO who has to watch expensive assets sit in his/her  data center and unavailable to use because the IT processes in place to deliver projects are way too slow for the business to offer their internal customers. How about the IT staff having these assets and unable to effectively utilize them?

From what I have seen, there is a huge paradigm shift coming to businesses in general. Yes the “Business” and IT will need to work closely together, but I believe a separate entity inside companies will evolve. An “Office” within the organization interacting strategically with the business and IT. A counselor of sorts. Someone who gets Information Technology, Marketing, Social Media and business in general. Who are these superhuman mythical beings who can save our IT world. Ladies and gentlemen, they do exist, however, they are far and few in between. You yourself may be one, but because of the dozens of processes and layers of bureaucracy you organizations piles on,  you cannot use your talents for the good of mankind. You heard my prediction here first. The birth of the Chief IT Advisory Officer designed to lead the Information Advisory Office – CIAO.

The timing of this blog coincided with an article I read. Shadow IT is here to stay. Here is an interesting article on what CIOs need to start worrying about. Click here for the article.

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