SAP TechEd 2013 Las Vegas Keynote Summary

Yesterday morning, Dr. Vishal Sikka took the stage at SAPTechEd in Las Vegas. As usual the SAP Keynote was exciting and very informative. Having covered many keynotes this year, SAP as usual falls in my list of favorites. Many customer use cases were brought to light and the SAP team of speakers were very dynamic. Vishal who heads  all SAP products and innovation did a fantastic job of moderating the event.  We got to see first hand how SAP`s technology has come a long way especially from a usability and end user experience perspective.

SAP is in the top 5 list for software companies in the world.

Vishal stressed early on in his keynote that we should not only try to solve a problem when creating solutions, but fundamentally improve things as we go forward.

Highlights from the SAP Tech Ed 2013 Keynote

1. When Vishal states that when he goes to Vegas, he never knows where he is because he never makes it outside. 18:30 in the keynote video below

2. 1000 + Start-ups running on SAP HANA


3. How 3 teenagers show on stage how they have used HANA to program a Shelf Stocking Lego Based Robot. 1:45 in the keynote video below

Below is the entire keynote.

Here are a list of my favorite tweets from SAP TechEd 2013 Keynote

Oliver Betz@BetzOliver

@vsikka at #SAPTechEd: All #SAP apps will – run on Hana – come with #Fiori #UX #Design paradign Including #cloud


Tammy Powlas @tpowlas

“Technology solves a problem and improves things” “empowers the end users” “amplifies the reach” #SAPTechEd


Craig Powers @TheCraigPowers

“In Vegas, you have no idea where you really are.” (@ EVENT02: SAP Executive Keynote:  Dr. Vishal Sikka #SAPTechEd)


Sylvie Otten (Sollod @sylvie75015

#Burberry knows more about their customers & runs better on #SAP #HANA. #EMC IT runs better on SAP HANA today @ 2pm Bellini 2103 #SAPTechEd


SAP North America @SAPNorthAmerica

Did you know every sales person at Burberry has insights into their customers through #mobileapps by #SAP? #SAPTechEd


Vitaly Vainer @vitalik

No application is ever complete. Every application need to be extended, augmented for this #saphanacloud was built. #sapteched


Dick Hirsch @rhirsch

“every application is moving to HANA Cloud Platform” – HANA Enterprise Cloud or HANA Cloud Platform – ie #saphcp #sapteched


Thomas Hensel @ThHensel

MT @ruinogueira SuccessFactors extensions running on SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Keynote demo #SAPTechEd #saphcp > powered by #hanacloudportal


Jon Reed @jonerp

@vsikka showing real-time warehouse mgt – powered by HANA startup – IMO these are the kinds of use cases/apps customers want #sapteched


#HANA system running on Amazon Web Services AWS. How Patriotic! End the server wait tyrrany! @vsikka #sapteched
#HANA on #AWS @ #sapteched 1776 Core HANA system on AWS. 60B rows of data 8m rows per second 3m queries per hour (@ EVENT02: