Ring in the New Style of IT around your fingers

The New style of IT is bringing forth a completely new perspective even on measuring the value of a ring. It’s no longer just the stone in the ring, or the number of karats. Check out this ring you can sport on your finger where the real value is measured by the instant access to the most valuable asset for an enterprise – information. It provides access to Little Data – relevant information that you can consume as needed. You can selectively be alerted – through vibration and light – about the content that matter to you. The New Style of IT is all about providing access to the information that matters so you can take timely action. Join me as I ring in the New Style of IT around my fingers.

Types of wearables never cease to expand in the new world of the IoT. Take for instance my co-worker, Jenessa Ayache, who is considering one of these wearables for her birthday. But her pragmatic husband scoffs at this device, questioning its value. Here are my thoughts along with birthday wishes:

1. Access. The ring can always be worn – especially if waterproof – providing constant access to information.

2. Personalization. No matter where she is, a special buzz can indicate her husband is doing what he usually does at specified times of the day – going to work, going home, working out, and etc.

3. Presence. There is a very slim chance she will “forget” or “lose” her ring. It can also send out special signals if she is going out of range from her mobile phone.

In the disparate world of Big Data, it is all about the people, the apps, the messages, and the phone calls that matter to us as individuals – say hello to Little Data.

It’s a fascinating intersection of art and science that is bringing technology to a sentimental piece of jewelry and clever as the ring on your finger.

So will Jenessa go for the ring, or will she look for a different, more traditional wearable, like a wrist watch? Only time will tell. Stay tuned and I’ll let you know eventually.

The real value here is in having instant access to the information that matters to us in the least intrusive manner. For such information to be delivered to its internal and external stakeholders, competitive enterprises need to have the right infrastructure in place with the right tools to process structured and unstructured data. Even if they exercise complex analytics to navigate the Big Data traffic jam, they still need to proactively take action on the insight gathered. Only then can enterprises realize business value from data that matters.

How about you? What are your thoughts on effectively delivering the right information to the stakeholders in a timely fashion? Want to give me a ring? Just click here.

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