Monster Inspiration Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

Following the official website launch and giveaway, on behalf of 1CR, I would like to thank our contest sponsor and provide the 1CloudRoad review of the Monster Inspiration Headphones.

DISCLAIMER: This is primarily a Cloud based blog site and our content typically does not deviate. However because the headphones were  part of our official launch, we thought it would be great to review what was given away.

NOTE: The staff at 1CloudRoad provided a collaborative review of Monster’s Inspiration Active Noise Cancelling Headphones.

The Packaging and the Comfort

As you can see from the pic, (click on the image for a larger view) you immediately know that Monster is serious about their product(s). Like the website says. Serious Audio, High Style!  The packaging is second to none. Precise, solid and clean cut packaging are a prelude to what is inside.

At first sight, you may get the impression that the headphones are heavy. However they far from that. They feel solid and the adjustable headband provides a snug and comfortable fit. The over the head band has a cushion, providing extra comfort to the top of your head. The wrap around ear cups really keep the sound in and give you the true noise cancelling experience you may be expecting. Being a frequent traveler, the headphones fold away rather quick, which can easily be stored in my carry on bag.

The Sound

Having tried the Beats by Dr Dre headphones in the past, (also made by Monster) you can immediately hear the difference in sound. Difficult to say which one is actually a better product in such a short evaluation period, there are some notable differences. We noticed that the Monster headphones do not have the same amount of bass as the Beats headphones pump out. However a wider range of sound is truly evident with the Monster Inspiration headphones. Perhaps a softer sound with an edge best describes it.

We tested the headphones with 2 awesome tracks, which some of you may have heard before.

AC/DC – Thunderstruck and Notorious BIG –  Hypnotize

Both tracks made the headphones demonstrate a true range of sound. The highs, mids and bass came out loud and clear.

What is included in the package.

3 audio cables accompany the headphones

  • Basic cable with a built-in microphone
  • Apple type cable with control talk
  • Straight through cable

One free interchangeable headband is also included.

Express yourself with the interchangeable headbands available from Monster – Click here to see other available colors.

Note: The extra headbands will cost you. Monster does include a free interchangeable headband in the box.

The active noise cancelling headphones require 2 AA batteries, which are included.

Overall Thoughts

MONSTROUS Prouct. Great Comfort, Great Sound and Amazing Style!

For more information on the Monster Inspiration line of products you may want to visit their website.

Thank you.


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