Managing my time between HP Storage & HP Software at HP Discover

As the weekend approaches, reality begins to set in. I am heading to HP Discover in Barcelona Sunday.Despite having attended many HP Events over the last decade you figure these things would become easier to plan. Over the last few years I have attended as an analyst and blogger and more than ever, time management is always the most difficult thing to contend with. So many sessions and so many people to see and talk to. Despite the time management issues, I am fortunate to sit in front of some of the industries brightest minds and discuss technology and business at various levels. So in the end, no complaints from my end/

This event, I decided that I will stick to what I really have the most interest for and concentrate my efforts in understanding  the technology and where HP is pushing its industry counterparts.

HP Storage

Always a pleasure to sit and chat with Mr David Scott and the HP Storage team. I have to admit I will never forget the first time I heard Polymorphic Simplicity and despite some rather negative comments about the terminology used, a year later, the term is going stronger than ever. HP’s storage portfolio has stiff competition in the industry, but at each event you get the feeling that HP is extremely serious about their storage portfolio and innovation is in constant overdrive.

HP is pushing the envelope with a LIVE EVENT Online December 9. Register here to learn more about HP Storage. Attendees who register and attend the LIVE event are eligible to win an HP ENVY x2! For a sneak peek at the event watch this video below.

Change Nothing. Risk Everything

Click on the following to learn more about HP Storage products.

HP Software

Having worked day to day with HP Software since 2000, I have seen the portfolio evolve through natural growth and acquisition over the years. However over the last couple of years Big Data seems to be pushing HP Software to the next level. Vertica, IDOL, Autonomy, Haven are a few of the solutions making a lot of noise lately in the HP Software portfolio. I am very impressed with the HP Software team as they give us some Pre HP Discover coverage using the HP Backstage website. For those who will not attend, this is a great way to feel close to the action.

Check out the HP Backstage website to get introduced to the HP Insiders.

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Disclaimer: HP has invited me to HP Discover. My travel & accommodations expenses have been covered by HP. My blogs are my opinion and in no way influenced by HP.


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