IT Spending in 2012 – Where will your IT spend its money?

The last few months have brought many questions surrounding the economy and IT Spending for 2012. As companies attempt to trim costs to satisfy their bottom line and shareholders, many questions come to mind. We have seen how IT Organizations are working closer with the Business Units to increase their business potential, and the realization that investing in IT continues to be a top priority. Increasing technology adoption and augmenting IT automation is key differentiator for success. According to Gartner, the following have been listed as top priorities and will continue to be part of 2012 IT Spending.
• Cloud Adoption Internal and or Public
• Data Management / Business Intelligence
• Social
• Mobile

In the following article, Gartner specifically talks about IT Spending in India for 2012.

What will your IT organization spend on? Write back and share your experience.

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Here is the agenda

  • How the outlook for IT spending has been affected by changes in the global and regional economic, business, industry and technology environments – specifically, how the recent downgrades in the outlook for global economic growth will affect IT spending plans
  • The outlook for growth in the Hardware, Software, IT Services and Telecommunications sectors
  • How the outlook for PC and Server shipments has been impacted by HDD supply constraints caused by the Thailand floods.

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2012!