Is the CMO the new CIO?

The relationship of the CIO with the CMO – the Chief Marketing Officer — is becoming increasingly vital in enterprises today.  This was highlighted, recently, in a presentation by Rich Vancil, Group VP of the Executive Advisory Group and Kathleen Schaub Research VP and CMO Advisory Service from IDC where they explain why Today’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) becomes the Master of Data and share their perspective on 2013 IT predictions. Even Big Data agrees!  IDC predicts that that the CMO and the CIO will begin the year as functional peers and will end the year as either friends or frenemies. I agree and wonder if the CMO might even become the new Chief Officer of Information for some enterprises.

CIOs need a System of Engagement with the CMOs

As Geoffrey Moore, world-renowned author and business consultant characterizes in this interview, we are evolving from the Systems of Record built over the past few decades into a new world of a network of Systems of Engagement. When enterprises are as social as their customers, Systems of Engagement – as shown in these three examples – generate valuable data that the CMO has direct visibility into. Therefore, the CMO has firsthand insight into the voice of the customer base which can and should drive the Enterprise IT initiatives around automation and innovation.

Here’s my paraphrased version of the key points made by Schaub and Vancil (my own thoughts in italics):

  • The CMO and CIO begin the year as functional peers. They will end the year as either friends … or frenemies
  • Marketing’s outlay for Automation (which drives IT) could approach 10 percent of marketing’s discretionary budget
  • 50 percent of new marketing hires will have technical backgrounds (Big Data can affect our job descriptions too)
  • 5 percent of CMOs will shift to a “mobile first” strategy
  • CMOs will be pragmatic, shifting focus from big platform projects (System of Record) to linking access to audience needs (System of Engagement)
  • Demand for greater insight into the revenue impact of marketing and sales will require older CRM systems (System of Record) to be replaced (with System of Engagement)

The Systems of Engagement customers use data that can be informationalized by the CMO for the CIO to glean valuable intelligence that drives the implementation of the requisite infrastructure. No wonder Big Data has graduated to accepting The CMO as its new Master.

CIOs proactively engaging with their CMOs will effectively combat the forces of consumerization and use complex analytics of such data to predict the future thus positioning their Enterprise for 2020.  Others will remain a System of Record – just like the systems they maintain and in due course, would give way to the role being driven out of the Office of the CMO.

Thus, CIOs must have a System of Engagement with the CMO.

What forces drive IT in your enterprise? Is your enterprise as social as your customers? How would you characterize the relationship between the CIO and the CMO? I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.

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