Cloud Vendors demonstrate Innovation at Interop NYC 2012.

Another IT conference has come and gone. Once again, we see innovation is in overdrive. Interop NYC 2012 brought out some of the industry’s best in Networking and Cloud Computing. Their goal was to demonstrate innovation in networking, Cloud Computing, Big Data and surrounding technologies.

Among the larger and more “Industry known” vendors and exhibitors, were what I call the “edge” exhibitors. Edge; in every sense of the word. Most of these vendors find themselves on the outside of the show room floor fighting for some space and visibility among the fierce sharks in this large ocean. They often hope for conference visitors to walk to the edge of the floor so they can showcase their innovation. Relying on their sheer innovation efforts and not the “typical” swag you find being given away by most vendors in exchange for a name tag scan.

Their technology is typically “cutting edge”. Having smaller teams helps focus their innovation and development efforts. This is often an advantage compared to larger vendors who sometimes struggle to innovate rapidly because of the many moving parts and the red tape they face internally. You can see their marketing teams are excited, vibrant and passionate about their developments. Getting their time was not an issue.

Innovation, feasibility and product feature is what we looked for. We looked at how the vendors’ technology allowed IT to increase efficiency and complement existing core technologies.

Blog Mention Worthy for innovation

Here are some vendors who took the time to share some of their innovation and vision with us. Some are more known vendors, but nonetheless wanted to mention them nonetheless. We simply like what they do! Unfortunately we did not have a chance to visit with all vendors so it is not a complete list. Sorry for those we did not mention. We are glad to hear from you. ( Here is a partial list of exhibitors we communicated with. Their innovation and technology were considered “Blog Mention Worthy”.

6Fusion @6fusion

6fusion provides utility-metered cloud infrastructure management solutions that enable global workload distribution across public, private and hybrid clouds in pay-per-use billable utilities. The unique metering algorithm, Workload Allocation Cube (WAC), creates a commercial standard to quantify supply and demand for compute resources.

Fuzebox – @fuzebox

FuzeBox, the global leader in real time visual collaboration applications, allows people to communicate, collaborate and share content from any device, across any network, anywhere.

Cetrom – @cetrom

Cetrom is a Cloud Computing pioneer and leader. Its comprehensive, high-availability, enterprise-class solutions for associations are backed by 24x7x365 customer support, certified senior engineers and best-in-class technology infrastructure. Founded in 2001, Cetrom is headquartered in Vienna, Va., with offices and SAS 70–compliant data centers across the U.S.

OPNET – @opnet_tech

OPNET Technologies is extending the state of the art in application and network performance management. OPNET’s unique High Definition approach leverages fine-grained data and patented analytics to deliver end-to-end visibility and rapid troubleshooting. OPNET solutions have been operationally proven in thousands of customer environments worldwide.

Net Optics – @netoptics

Net Optics, the leading provider of Intelligent Access and Monitoring Architecture solutions, delivers real-time IT visibility, monitoring and control for businesses to achieve peak performance in network analytics and security. 7,000 organizations—including 85 percent of the Fortune 100—trust Net Optics’ comprehensive smart access hardware and software solutions

DeSeMa –

DeSeMa Device and Service Management The only self-evolving IT solutions capable of anticipating and adapting to your needs in real time.

Riverbed Technology – @riverbed

Riverbed delivers performance for the globally connected enterprise. With Riverbed, enterprises can successfully and intelligently implement strategic initiatives such as virtualization, consolidation, cloud computing, and disaster recovery without fear of compromising performance. Riverbed gives enterprises the platform they need to understand, optimize and consolidate their IT.

Thank you.