In 60 seconds: 10 business skills every IT pro must master

I came across this article at the other day. I thought it was rather interesting. It sums up 10 business skills you must develop to help you succeed in the IT field. Most of them sound like common sense, however I believe we all need a refresher once in a while. For a quick and easy read, I extracted the points from the original slideshow.

1. Listening – Listen to understand what people are saying. Understanding business requirement can help you develop the most effective solution

2. Collaboration – How people who are on the same side figure out solutions to shared problems and also ways to pursue shared opportunities.

3. Negotiate – to help build a path forward. Always negotiate constructively. Don’t be a bully. Bullies always lose in the end 🙂

4. Basic Business Finance – Understand revenue, profit and loss, ROI, deprecation, OPEX and CAPEX

5. Understanding the company’s business model – How does the company compete? You need to know this, so you can recommend ways for IT to make their company more effective.

6. Understanding the company’s operating model – Raw material to finished product. How do you fit all these pieces together?

7. Know how to use pronouns effectively – I, YOU, WE. Present ideas which maximize acceptance and minimize resistance.

8. Political Power Mapping – Network with the right people in your company. Avoid those who may slow or bring you down.

9. Managing Up – Manage your boss, and set the appropriate expectations.

10. Doing your job – Deliver results. You are paid to work. When give a task, do it and do it well.

Here is the link to the complete article.