#HPEDISCOVER 2017 #Storage Announcements

#HPEDISCOVER 2017 in Las Veags is around the corner and our friends at @HPE_Storage have a lot of exciting news! A great stage to showcase the @NimbleStorage acquisition! Below is an overview of the @HPE storage announcements that will be announced next week in Las Vegas!

The announcement include:
•A more powerful 3PAR all-flash array, the 3PAR StoreServ 9450 all-flash and updates to the 3PAR 20000 Series

•Availability of Nimble Storage primary and new secondary flash arrays via HPE and HPE channel partners

•New fifth generation of the HPE MSA Storage with the MSA 2050 and MSA 2052

•High-speed, cloud-connected StoreOnce CloudBank

Additional Videos:

Nimble Storage Overview ChalkTalk

Recovery Manager Central and Veeam Explorer Demo