HP Discover 2013 Barcelona Survival Guide

It’s that time again. HP Discover 2013 Europe Edition takes place in Barcelona this year December 10 – 12.

This will be the 13th time I attend a HP conference. Only my 2nd in Europe. This time as I have the last few times, I will be attending as an invited blogger. Although the schedule is rather intense, I consider myself fortunate to be able to sit in front of the HP leadership team and hear first hand about the ongoing and upcoming trends in the IT industry. Cloud, Big Data, SDN, application transformation are only a few buzzwords I will hear and tweet about next week.

In preparation for this blog, I visited the HP Discover Home Page and ironically enough, my quote from the last event was displayed! Talk about timing. HP Discover is one of the most anticipated IT Industry Events.

HP Discover Barcelona 2013






I am especially looking forward to hearing about HP Cloud and how it is evolving today. I was a little disappointed in the last few conference as HP was slow to come out of the gate when it came to HP Cloud. Recent announcements with it’s tightened partnership with OpenStack have me excited to hear what is in store for 2013.

HP Moonshot and the evolving technology in their server and storage lines are always exciting. HP sure knows how to market their server and storage like no other. The hardest working man in the Social Media / Technology business Calvin Zito always has interesting information to share! Be sure to catch the the Live STORAGE EVENT happening on December 9. Here is the link to sign up. http://hpstorage.me/1buyzV4

This will be my first trip to Barcelona and it will be a short one. A little less than 72 hours in the city. Anyone have an idea on how to avoid jet-lag, please send me a message 🙂

Important information for those attending HP Discover.

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Disclaimer: HP has invited me to HP Discover. My travel & accommodations expenses have been covered by HP. My blogs are my opinion and in no way influenced by HP.