HP Vertica Tackling Big Data – Integrating with Hadoop and MapReduce

There is a lot to be said about Big Data nowadays. On a daily basis more and more data is being created and stored. What is being done with all this data? Do companies effectively leverage the information they own?

As a company you need to decide how to use it. Success depends on understanding and leveraging all forms of information. Many companies do not have an effective information strategy in place.  Talking to many IT professionals, most agree, they need to embrace it and extract intelligence from it. What is HP doing about it? Vertica was acquired by Hewlett Packard on March 22, 2011. The acquisition enforced HP’s strategic focus on cloud and connectivity. HP’s goal of acquiring Vertica was to enhance the company’s capabilities for information optimization by adding sophisticated, real-time business analytics for large and complex sets of data in physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Much more data is coming from the everyday consumers who walk around the world with a smart phone in their pocket. As businesses evolve and their data continues to grow, companies need to know what to do with all this data.

In my personal opinion there is a lot of ambiguity around Big Data. Many questions remain to be answered. Depending on the industry you are in. Where do you collect your data? How long do you retain your data? How important is the data coming from Social Media to your company? HP’s solution looks rather promising. The question remains, can customers adopt an effective strategy and keep it up. This is where the Data Science comes into play.

Essentially Big Data is about Volume, Velocity, Variety and Complexity

Read HP’s definition on Big Data in their Strategy Workshop Brief.

Many executives believe big data can transform the way they do business going forward. Businesses can now directly translate the knowledge into improved decision making and performance.

Before adopting into Vertica as a database it is essential to work with a Data Scientist to provide the analytical requirements.

Here is an intro to Vertica’s Solution

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HP Vertica Community Edition – 1 TB limit – Software Data Sheet


Key features and benefits

Column orientation

Extensible in-database analytics framework

In-database analytics library

Support for MapReduce and Hadoop

HP Vertica Community Edition integrates with MapReduce and Hadoop

myVertica community portal

HP Vertica Enterprise Edition software – Data Sheet