HP Vertica Big Data Conference – Big Data is not hype!

HPVerticaBigDataThis week I will be attending the HP Vertica Big Data Conference in beautiful Boston, MA. As mentioned in my title, Big Data is not only hype as HP was able to sell out this conference!

My main goal this week is to take advantage of the pre-conference training “HP Vertica Advanced Performance Training ” I have had the opportunity to download and test HP’s Vertica Platform over the last couple of months. The Vertica Introduction Course does a great job maximizing your understanding and usage of the Vertica Analytics Platform however when you dig deeper the Advanced class is a must! I would recommend the Advanced Course, benefits below;

  • HP Vertica Database Designer best practices
  • Analyzing database queries and associated objects
  • Tuning and simplifying database queries
  • Modifying resource settings
  • Updating and monitoring statistics
  • Running the Workload Analyzer and interpreting output

Now lets focus on the Buzzword Big Data and why the event has sold out! Big Data has been a buzz word over the last couple of years and several companies have been venturing into this space.

 Many researchers have attempted to estimate the market size of “Big Data” opportunities. Triangulating on three sources of data (Wikibon, IDC  and from publicly reported revenues by major players in “Big Data”) puts the total market opportunity at $40 Billion, at a CAGR of about 51% year on year.

One of the companies that has made an investment in the Big Data space has been HP with the famous acquisition of Autonomy and Vertica. In regards to this event, the focus will be on HP’s Vertica Platform.  The event keynote will be presented by Colin Mahony, who will set the stage for organizations of all sizes who are looking for guidance and practical approaches on how they can optimize and monetize all their Big Data with the HP Vertica Analytics Platform.

Another focus at this event will be HP’s HAVEn platform.One of the announcements from HP Software at HP Discover was HAVEn. HP’s answer to the big data challenges most organizations are facing today. HAVEn stands for Hadoop, Autonomy, Vertica, Enterprise Security and n – number of applications.  According to the HP Software Solutions Blog, Paul Muller’s identifies the challenges of big data into five key areas:

  1. Volume
  2. Variety
  3. Velocity
  4. Vulnerability
  5. Value

Hear more from each of the LOB leaders as they explain what HAVEn is and how this big data platform addresses each of the challenges above.One thing is for sure, the Big Data problem will not be correcting itself. The organization investing in these technologies will be at forefront. Gartner reports that enterprise data growth rates now average 40 percent to 60 percent annually. So tap into your data and be able to get what you need now. If not you will be one of those companies without a plan for managing and exploiting the explosion in data. 

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