HP Vertica 6.1 Bulldozer turns Big Data into Value

Let’s start with a prediction from Gartner: 85% of currently deployed warehouses will scale sufficiently to meet the volume and complexity of demand by 2014. This is a major reason why Information Optimization and Big Data were high on HP’s priority list at HP Discover in Frankfurt. Many of the announcements we heard somehow or another revolved around Big Data. Even the HP Software folks have gotten on the Big Data train. Over the last couple of months, Vertica and Autonomy have been neck and neck, each trying to emerge as HP’s most valuable acquisition. Although HP Autonomy seems like it has emerged as HP’s newest, coolest and shiniest toy, Vertica is right there in the forefront. If you want to understand your customers and your performance, and what makes you a competitive business you need to understand and analyze all your data. The Vertica / Big Data push from HP could not come at a better time.  Business analytics is high on everyone’s agenda. Vertica and the 6.1 Bulldozer release seems to offer that.

What is HP Vertica?

The HP Vertica Analytics Platform is purpose built for organizations of all sizes to monetize Big Data at hyperspeed and massive scale. For those of you new to HP Vertica, here is an introduction Video which was produced at HP Discover Las Vegas in June earlier this year.  This is when they released Vertica 6.0

HP Vertica 6.1 Bulldozer Features

The focus was around 3 specific topics. Note, Vertica was the first analytic database company to come out with Hadoop / Map Reduce Connector

Tighter Hadoop Integration – HP Vertica 6.1 provides a new HDFS connector that allows you to do just that: pull data straight from HDFS with optimal parallelism without any additional MapReduce coding.

Simplified Cloud Deployments – Many customers who run HP Vertica in the cloud, and know that more and more enterprises are making the cloud their deployment model of choice. To simplify and improve the cloud deployment experience, we now have an officially qualified Amazon EC2 AMI for HP Vertica.  Cloud capabilities have been enhanced. A lot easier for customer to deploy in the cloud. New app systems from HP for Vertica.

Killer Features for Big Data Analytics From a new R language pack that gets data scientists up and running quickly to enhanced storage tiering and archiving features that will help optimize storage media spend to new validation tools that assist administrators with hardware deployment planning and tuning, this new release provides the platform needed to create an enterprise-grade Big Data environment.

Click here for the Bulldozer 6.1 features whitepaper

The Challenge & Opportunity

Listening to Colin Mahony, VP of Products & Business Development at Vertica, it sounds like HP is properly integrating them into the HP ecosystem. You can hear the passion when he talks about Vertica and Big Data. The biggest challenge I see and which I expressed to my friends at HP Software was surrounding sales. Big Data initiatives are relatively new to many businesses. Business Intelligence gathering has been going on for years, however the need to have real time data ready for analysis has never been so pressing. The CIO and internal IT’s ability to keep up with these initiatives puts the business in a situation where they need to source their own BI solutions. For years the HP software teams have been selling operations efficiency and service management to the CIO. Now the HP Software sales folks are forced to open up discussions with individuals / teams they have no relationship with. This means that more often, the conversation will shift from the CIO to the CMO and directly to the business side of the house. The sales and marketing folks will search for a solution which provides them intelligence quickly and effectively.  Why are companies like Salesforce.com, Netsuite, Eloqua, Taleo and many others so successful? They offer a cloud based solution which is easy to deploy and access. This is where I believe, Vertica running in SAAS may be a big hit for HP. There is a huge market need and fortunately Vertica is offered as SAAS! See the press release here.

You can tell that there is a much road ahead to integrate Vertica into the everyday sales discussion. The separate website and the lack of HP branding as compared to other HP Software solutions, makes me wonder how long this will take. Some people I have spoken with say the lack of integration may be a good thing from a customer perspective. At the end of the day HP’s “feet on the street” (those who get compensated for HP Software sales) will need to be enabled ASAP, because there are many opportunities on the table as we speak. As a HP Software partner this is an exciting time for me as well and hope to see the value of this solution.

Learn more at www.vertica.com

Disclosure – HP contributed towards my travel and expenses for this event. I was invited to this event with no requirement to write favourable commentary. My opinions are completely my own and based on information I gathered at the event.

Disclosure – HP contributed towards my travel and expenses for this event. I was invited to this event with no requirement to write favourable commentary. My opinions are completely my own and based on information I gathered at the event.


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