HP StoreVirtual 4530 and 4730 Storage Announced at HP GPC

Great Day 1 at HP Global Partner Conference and look forward to Day 2’s theme “Innovation.” As mentioned this is a partner focused event however there are some key product announcements like the addition two new StoreVirtual models added to the portfolio.

Available worldwide starting March 21: New models based on ProLiant Gen8 technology and designed for mid-range customers—HP StoreVirtual 4530 and 4730 Storage.

HP StoreVirtual
The StoreVirtual 4530 is replacing the HP LeftHand P4500 G2 model. It is a 12 LFF drive 2U appliance with choice of SAS or MDL SAS. 450 and 600 GB LFF SAS HDD models remain available for those customers with P4500 G2 clusters in place today. 2TB and 3TB MDL SAS drives are also available for a dense capacity solution.

The StoreVirtual 4730 is a new form factor for the portfolio. It is a 25 SFF SAS drive 2U appliance offering high performance with choice of 600GB or 900GB SAS drives. With the 900GB drives you get 22.5TB in 2U – triple the capacity of the previous P4500 G2 SAS model.

HP StoreVirtual

StoreVirtual – What’s New

  • The 4530 offers support for 3TB LFF MDL SAS drives for increased capacity density.
  • The new 4730 25-drive SFF model provides 3x SAS capacity and up to 2x performance over the previous P4500 G2.
  • Quadruple the system cache – The 4530 and 4730 both offer 2GB of flash-backed write cache (FBWC). The cache itself helps with write performance. The flash-backed part takes the contents of the volatile cache and dumps it to permanent flash storage if the power is lost to aid in disaster recovery.
  • 10X the system memory to support application performance now and into the future. Both models come with 64GB RAM. This will allow the system to run better today and future-proof the system for the features of tomorrow. As hypervisors increasingly offload more work to storage you’ll be prepared.
  • 3x Remote Copy performance for replication. Remote Copy just keeps getting faster. Since the December release of 10.0 we’ve done even more to improve the performance.
  • Native 10GbE iSCSI on all models with double the network ports – You asked, we listened. There was a large demand for an extra port to be able to handle management traffic. We’ve upped the number of 1GbE ports to 4 (on all StoreVirtual models) and have also included 10GbE as a standard feature (on 4530 and 4730) so the upgrade kit is no longer needed.

The beauty of a scale-out platform that lets you seamlessly add nodes to a cluster or environment:

  • The 4530 with either 450GB or 600GB LFF SAS drives or 2TB MDL SAS drives can be added to existing P4500 G2 clusters with the same drive type for ongoing growth of the cluster. Remember that the existing and new nodes should be same capacity/performance.
  • To add to your cluster – Right click on the cluster, choose “Add Storage Systems” then select the nodes to add, and click “OK”. It’s that easy! Additional capacity is immediately available as data is restriped across new nodes in the background.

The latest software:

  • The 4530 and 4730 models ship with LeftHand OS 10.5 that includes all features announced in 10.0 plus support for the new 2U platforms, increased support for proxy servers, and better performance for Remote Copy. Best of all, for customers who have upgraded their current nodes to 10.0, 10.5 is a no-reboot upgrade from 10.0.

If you’re attending the HP Global Partner Conference this week in Las Vegas, stop by the booth #301 and introduce yourself to Kate Davis and she will show you the new 4730 that is on display.