HP StoreAll Storage Express Query – Launched at HP Discover

As part of the big storage announcements this week at HP Discover in Frankfurt we also learned about HP’s commitment to its Big Data initiative. HP StoreAll Storage Express Query from HP Labs was launched. HP StoreAll Storage Express Query is bringing Real-time Intelligence to Big Data Retention and Cloud Storage Customers.

HP StoreAll Storage Express Query provides object and file content

In my opinion this is one of the most refreshing announcements made this week. HP has leveraged its HP Labs to develop a solution which sits on their StoreAll Storage to provide impressive big data management. Here are some high level points made during the discussion

  • Hyperscale – Can scale to over 1000 nodes, 16 PB and billions of objects and files in a single namespace
  • Harnessed –Custom metadata tagging, data immutability with retention and WORM, and constant data validation
  • Instant – Discover, compliance and analytics with HP StoreAll Express Query and Autonomy IDOL
  • Economic – Scale down costs of sorting data over time

Instant Value with HP StoreAll Express Query

Attending HP Discover this week, I learned that the definition of Big Data is still uncertain depending on who you speak with. The biggest value I was able to take away regarding Storage and Big Data, was the efficiency directly associated with the StoreAll products. The HP StoreAll Express Query has 3 key points. Speaking with other bloggers, the Express Query seemed to agree.

  • Reduce compute overhead to maximize efficiency
  • Thousands of times faster search to increase business agility
  • Immediate discovery of changing data for information insight

A quick use case HP touted a quick a quick use case. In the past in order index and custom tag 500 million files, it would take 42 hours. With HP StoreAll Express Query this was done in approximately 1.4 seconds which is ultimately 100,000 times faster.

HP StoreAll Express Use Case

A great use case I was able to pull out from the discussion we attended is around DreamWorks. Each film creates approx half a billion files. DreamWorks produces 10 films at one time. When saving a file attaching Express Query  applies a meta data tag to the file which helps speed up the indexing and making the storage more efficient.

HP StoreAll Express Query Integration with Autonomy applications

Despite the negative press surrounding the HP Autonomy in the last few weeks Meg Whitman made it very clear in her keynote that HP was 100% behind the Autonomy Product Suite. We see this in the integration with Autonomy IDOL

  • The connector for  HP StoreAll Express Query enables index offload, metadata tagging and rapid search
  • Platform integration enables data immutability and automatic maintenance of massive data setsHP StoreAll Express Query


HP Labs has brought a great feature to its HP StoreAll product. Big Data is driving a lot of initiatives in today’s businesses. I am constantly hard on hardware vendors failing to deliver a solution based message. This is a refreshing change. Hopefully we will continue to see more of these.

Want to learn more about Express Query? Click here to download the HP Express Query Datasheet