HP SiteScope Multiview Dashboard now available

HP SiteScope just got a whole lot better! For those who are looking for a lightweight management solution which can manage the various levels of your IT, HP SiteScope has come a long way in satisfying this need. The words “Dashboard” and “Single Pane of Glass” have been overused in the last few years by many vendors. When talking about Dashboard with HP SiteScope, we need to remember that HP SiteScope is an operational tool designed to provide monitoring for your critical infrastructure. If you are looking for a Business Dashboard, then I highly recommend the HP Business Service Management Solution. Yes it does integrate very nicely with other tools in the HP Software portfolio, but as a standalone product it now elevates its value with it’s Multi-View Dashboard. HP SiteScope now comes with a Multi-View Dashboard which provides a high level view of the monitors your IT folks care about.

Introducing HP Multi-View

HP SiteScope MultiView-1cloudroad.com



image: from a HP Demo Environment






SiteScope MultiView can also be visible on a tablet or mobile device extending it’s scalability and reach to the operational folks in your IT Dept.

Hp SiteScope MultiView Tablet-1cloudroad.com
image: HP Software SiteScope Facebook Page

Steps to upgrade from SiteScope 11.2 to SiteScope 11.22

The upgrade was rather simple. There a few steps to undertake and it took me approximately 1 hour to complete….Here are the steps

  • Stop the Sitescope Service through the Windows Services Manager
  • Start the SiteScope Configuration Tool
  • Export the configuration. Note that the configuration must be exported with a .zip extension
  • Uninstall SiteScope 11.2
  • Reboot
  • Install SiteScope 11.22
  • Stop the Sitescope Service through the Windows Services Manager
  • Start the SiteScope Configuration Tool
  • Import the configuration. Brows to the .zip file you had previously created
  • The import should take a few minutes depending the on the number of configurations you had configured
  • Start the Sitescope Service through the Windows Services Manager
  • Browse to the regular SiteScope url http://:8080/sitescope
  • Your monitors and configurations should appear as they did in the previous version.
  • Browse to the HP SiteScope Multi-View Dashboard

Traditional HP SiteScope URL - http://hostname:8080/SiteScope/servlet/Main

HP SiteScope Multi-View URL - http://hostname:8080/SiteScope/MultiView

For more information, check out this short video.

HP SiteScope for Free?

HP SiteScope offers a free 60 day trial to evaluate the many monitors, alerts, and user templates and determine that SiteScope is right for you. SiteScope also offers a freemium download used to monitor your IT infrastructure and applications.

I also came across the following whitepaper from EMA Enterprise Management Associates, which highlights the value associated with infrastructure management and HP SiteScope.

Shameless Plug

As most of you know, I have been consulting in the HP Software and Enterprise Management domain for over 15 years. If you are looking for a lightweight solution to manage your infrastructure, feel free to contact me and I can help out!