HP releases OpenStack Distribution – HP Helion

Today HP announced HP Helion. As part of a blogger program, 1CloudRoad was fortunate to hear directly from Stephen Spector of HP on the release of HP’s newest collaboration with the OpenStack community. HP Helion is  a portfolio of cloud products and services that enable organizations to build, manage and consume workloads in hybrid IT environments.

HP Extending Their Commitment to OpenStack

I was impressed to hear how HP is pledging their commitment to OpenStack. HP plans to invest 1 billion dollars over the next 2 years on cloud related products and engineering initiatives, ultimately expanding HP Helion’s global reach.

hp helion-1cloudroadHP Helion Features

Today customers can download the Helion OpenStack distribution from HP for free. This will allow customers to evaluate, develop and deploy small-scale private clouds (up to 30 nodes).  The idea behind this distribution is to have something free to give customers. Some important notes gathered from the call.

  • HP’s first OpenStack distribution
  • HP’s Helion product portfolio is based on Icehouse release and TripleO for deployment
  • Integrated with HP hardened Linux Operating System
  • Updated distributions will ship every 6 weeks
  • For those looking for the extra support, you can always opt in for the paid support license for HP support
  • HP will be demonstrating this at the OpenStack Summit next week in Atlanta

One of the other bloggers on the call had an interesting question. Can customer potentially upgrade from their small-scale deployment to a full-blown commercial HP Cloud Solution? An upgrade path is available for customers who wish to move from the small-scale deployment to a full-blown commercial HP Cloud environment.This is really early in the program. to understand the implications and risks. Perhaps the following is rather obvious. My personal opinion is to proceed with caution and understand the migration steps and what it could potentially cost you to move from small-scale to “commercial-scale”. HP can definitely provide the right answers to your questions. Be sure to consult with HP first and perhaps even before designing your private HP Helion Cloud

Another question was around educational content. No tutorial video is available as part of the release. Content is currently being developed to make it easier to deploy and configure. Stay tuned.

Helion Guest Operating Systems Supported

At the time of this blog, the official list of supported guest Operating Systems was not available. Please visit the official HP Helion community page for more info. For more information please visit the HP Helion OpenStack website. You can also download the offering from the community page.

HP Helion official Community Pages:


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