HP PS1810-8G Switch: Big League Switch for Home and Small Business

Since working with the HP Microserver and the HP PS1810-8G switch, I figured I would spend some time to learn a little more about its capabilities. This is the entry-level switch which comes with full management capabilities.

The HP PS1810-8G Switch supports the following:

  • Switching
    • Port Configuration
    • Green Features
    • Loop Protection
    • Jumbo Frames
    • Port Mirroring
    • Flow Control
    • Spanning Tree
  • VLANs
  • Trunking
  • LLDP
  • SNMP

Here is what the front and back look like. It’s small form factor and the fact that it sits directly on top of the Microserver make it convenient to store.

HP PS1810-8G-FrontBack-1cloudroad

microserver with PS1810-8G Switch

I had read that the PS1810-8G could be directly managed from the Microserver. However, I was uncertain how to correctly configure this. So from the Microserver Manual, here is the correct configuration.

Connect the network cables

Connect network devices, such as an HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8, to any of the switch’s RJ-45 ports using Class 5E or better Ethernet cables.
Note: Any of the switch’s network ports can be used for the following connections. You do not have to use the specific ports shown in the illustrations. As shown in the following illustration, for connection to a HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8, it is recommended that you make the following connections:

â–  ➊ to âž‹ – to provide internet access for the switch and server, connect any of the switch ports(1 – 8) to your ISP connection, or to a router that is connected to the internet.
■ ➌ to ➍ – for data communication between the switch and the server, connect a network cable between any of the available switch ports and either one of the server’s Ethernet ports. Connection to Ethernet port 2 is shown.
■ ➎ to ➏ – to be able to discover and monitor the health status of HP servers from the switch, connect a network cable between any of the available switch ports and the server’s iLO port.
Note: It is also possible to use a single cable between the switch and server for data and iLO communications, but this requires that you connect to server Ethernet port 1, and requires changes to the server configuration to cause the server Ethernet 1 port to be “shared” for data and iLO communications. See the server documentation on shared iLO mode for more information.

HP PS1810-8G-1cloudroad

The switch can be managed by connecting to the default address of In my case, my router assigned an IP address through DHCP. I connected directly to the switch via a web console and logged in. By default, there is no password. Once logged in, this is what you will see.

HP Switch Config-1cloudroad.comUnder the Servers > Monitor Servers Tab Here we see the HP Proliant Microserver listed and the health is displayed.

HP Microserver Gen8 Server Health-1cloudroad

Personally I really liked how the switch behaved. It was very straight forward and it was impressive to see the built in capabilities and granularity available in the switch management console. Although it may not be your choice for large enterprise, the configuration menus and management capabilities gave this switch a “Big League” look and feel.

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