HP disrupts the server industry with HP Moonshot

HP made another major announcement this week. HP launched Project Moonshot. This initiative stems from the Software Defined Data Center initiative we have heard a lot about the over the last 18 months. HP Moonshot is a software defined server line with an Intel-based Atom system available today and more chip-sets planned in the future.

Software Defined Server

The HP Moonshot is a new class of server designed to run Internet scale workloads. This will allow enterprises to customize their server to optimize a specific workload. This will make it a server designed for the software that will run on it.

Based on HP Internal analysis the moonshot servers

consume 89% less energy

take up 80%less space

cost 77% less and

are 97% less complex

Who will benefit the most from HP Moonshot

HP realizes that the data center footprint needs to decrease to help support the upcoming IT Trends. HP is pushing themselves and their competitors to be more innovative when it comes to the server market. Mobile devices connected over the Internet continue to grow exponentially, Social Media, Cloud and Big Data are pushing IT companies to do more with less. How many times have we heard that! HP is very clear in who will benefit the most. Web hosting, cloud and scale out applications are the driving force behind this innovation…In other words large data center workloads. This message is very consistent with what I have been hearing lately. Go big or go home. HP’s message for the smaller and medium sized business gets lost in these announcements because of their focus on larger workloads and high performance computing. But in reality you cannot blame them. From reading various articles about Moonshot yesterday, HP expects the architecture to broaden to other use cases for smaller data centers. HP needs a significant turnaround from a financial perspective and catering to large enterprise is probably their safest bet in the short term.

Here is what the HP Moonshot server looks like.

HP-moonshot - 1cloudroad.com HP-moonshot2


The HP Moonshot 1500 System chassis is similar to a blade chassis, but much bigger. It is a 4.3U (7.5 inches tall) chassis that hosts 45 independent hot-plug ProLiant Servers,  all attached to multiple fabrics. Like a blade chassis, the HP Moonshot 1500 System chassis sports shared power, cooling, and management resources for those server  cartridges

Pic courtesy of HP.com

My Take on the HP Moonshot initiative

The entire announcement is rather exciting in the server space and more so for IT in general. As Dave Donatelli said, we may look back and remember this as a time of significant change in the server industry. HP has taken note of companies like Facebook and Google and their initiatives to build their own custom servers inside their huge data centers. Will this discourage companies to continue this trend and go with a vendor like HP for their specific server needs?

For more information on HP Moonshot visit the following.

HP Moonshot homepage


All pics in this article were taken from HP.com