HP Discover – a new experience every time – including Las Vegas 2014

“HP Discover is one of the most anticipated IT Industry Events”, says fellow 1CloudRoad blogger Luigi Tiano.  He has attended multiple conferences in Las Vegas and Frankfurt and Barcelona in recent years.  His comment takes me back to my own experiences attending these conferences in recent times.  I experience the same thrill like my high-schooler does when she visits colleges.  Even though she is looking at the same field of study, every college tour is a new experience– just like HP Discover conference is a rejuvenating experience in itself.


They say, “It’s not about getting into the best college, but getting into the college that is best for you.” I say, “It’s not about picking the best solution, but the combination of solutions that work best for the enterprise.”

What to expect at Las Vegas 2014

Every HP Discover conference provides great insight into the options available while staying ahead of the times be it the New Style of IT requiring a New Style of Leadership or the formula for Cloud Transformation Success or innovative ways of thinking like the bad guy to steal $60 million in 60 seconds, being your own device while discovering wearables or thinking like a Data Artist while working on the science of complex analytics.

So, what is the combination of options that works best for your enterprise? What are  the courses that work best for the enterprise of my daughter’s life?

Let us look at four key points to answer this question.

1. Long-term goals.  What are her long-term goals? Just like enterprises need to have strategic insight into their business goals—a vision that makes the competitive enterprises of the future.

2. Current state. Where does she stand today? Just like enterprises have to take into consideration the landscape of resources that span the spectrum of infrastructure, applications, software, people and processes.

3. Getting there. What is the road map to realizing her goals?  The Conformist “me too” philosophy only goes so far. The New Style of IT offers enterprises countless options across cloud, mobility, Big Data, and security. It’s all about being a Pragmatist and doing what is right for the enterprise in alignment with the business objectives.

4. Tactical steps.  How would a college education help my daughter realize her long-term goals? Enterprises must take a closer look at near-term steps they have to take, such as piloting new technologies to obtain buy-in from key stakeholders. The tactical steps taken today have to align with the strategic vision of the future.

Just like she applies these thought processes every time she visits a new college, I see enterprises getting an opportunity to do this every time when attending HP Discover.  Each college has its own way of addressing the needs of the next generation of graduates.  So does each HP Discover conference in addressing the needs of the enterprises going for alignment with the New Style of IT.

How about you? What is the combination of options that works best for your enterprise? Please let me know.

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