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Experience a System of Engagement at HP Discover 2013

Conference RoomHaving attended HP Discover (in June 2012 in Las Vegas and December 2012 in Frankfurt) I would characterize HP Discover 2013 in Las Vegas from June 11 to 13 as a System of Engagement in, and of itself. Rich segments of global enterprises attend, opening up unlimited opportunities for instant collaboration and thought-provoking innovations, just falling short of solving world hunger. I myself am excited to attend and am framing the foundation for my presentation on Predicting the future with Systems of Engagement.

Let’s get engaged to discover HP at Las Vegas

Some of the key interactions that stand out for me at HP Discover conferences are:

1.  HP. All of HP’s is represented at HP Discover:

2.  Enterprises. Global enterprises get to see firsthand what HP is all about. They meet peer organizations with similar challenges and solution approaches at work for their industries. The next generation of innovative services, software and infrastructure from HP is on display for enterprises to apply in their environments. In that way enterprises can discover the HP Experience.

3.  CxO. In the 2012 conference keynote, HP Senior Fellow, Chandrakant Patel sent a key message to CIOs to take the right steps today to Innovate the planet by 2020. At HP Discover, executive summits orchestrate strategic discussions on today’s key challenges and the roadmap to their resolution.

4.  Social Media. Social Media defines Systems of Engagement. At HP Discover, it unfolds its wonderful colors through live streaming, podcasts, video interviews and coffee talks. I continue to think about the coffee talk I conducted at Frankfurt. It was a wonderful experience to interact around the table with a whole world of bloggers. Blogging went verbal in this coffee talk when various social media personas were manifested in the flesh. Imagine having a conversation face-to-face with someone whom you only know as a Twitter handle! Now, that is what I call a real System of Engagement.

5.  Partners. HP Discover provides an opportunity to get first hand visibility into the partners who complete the ecosystem of solutions provided by HP. Attendees see the 1+1=3 scenarios in which the value of their partnerships realize exponential synergies that cannot be realized in isolation.

So, there you have it — the different types of interactions that occur at HP Discover. Our brave new world of social interactions must be effectively augmented with in-person interactions among a global community of stakeholders and practitioners who define the ecosystem for their businesses.

Now what about you? Is your perspective represented in the interactions mentioned above? What is your System of Engagement with HP Discover? Please let me know.

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E.G.Nadhan has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry across the complete spectrum of selling, delivering and managing enterprise level solutions for HP customers. Nadhan is the Chief Architect for the standardized framework of process and tooling assets used to deliver Applications solutions within HP Enterprise Services. In this role, he works with strategic customers to realize productivity gains through the systematic incorporation of automation based on these assets across the Applications development and management lifecycle. Nadhan is an active HP blogger and has published over 200 posts in 1.5 years in multiple blogs including HP, The Open Group and the ECIO Forum. Nadhan is an active participant in the social media through Twitter Chats and can be followed on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Journey Blog.

Website: http://www.linkedin.com/in/egnadhan
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