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HP CloudSystem is a complete cloud solution which helps you build and manage your cloud services on premise in your private cloud or in a hybrid model — on and off premise using a combination of private, managed, and public clouds.

In a session with HP’s Cloud Evangelist Christian Vestraete, Steven Spector and other members of the of the HP Cloud Team, there was much discussion around the relationship between HP CloudSystem, HP Cloud OS & OpenStack. The questioning about why OpenStack? Personally the choice to use OpenStack in my opinion was a very good choice…. I think. My question is more around the go to market strategy especially with the likes of AWS and Rackspace in the Public Cloud space. HP Definitely has the ability to bring the expertise to the table, but does HP really want to play in this space?

A little bit about HP CloudSystem (from the HP Website) www.hp.com/go/cloudsystem‎

HP CloudSystem  integrates OpenStack™-based HP Cloud OS technology, the foundation for HP’s hybrid cloud architecture,  providing customers a hardened, tested OpenStack distribution that is easy to install and manage. The next-generation CloudSystem also incorporates the new HP Hybrid Cloud Management Platform, a comprehensive management solution that enables enterprises and service providers to deliver secure cloud services across public or private clouds as well as traditional IT.

Some good news this week for the HP Cloud Team: Forrester Wave report for Private Cloud Solution.

HP was recently ranked as a leader in the Forrester Wave report for Private Cloud Solutions: From the official HP Press Release. http://www8.hp.com/us/en/hp-news/press-release.html?id=1536858

“HP leads the pack. [It provides] a clean and navigable interface that wraps substantial depth and breadth of capabilities into the fewest  number of interfaces,” writes Lauren E. Nelson, analyst, in a recent Forrester report. “Unlike other vendors in this space, HP adds functionality into a single interface as a rule without making the overall experience less intuitive.”

My opinion on the HP Cloud and its future

HP has had much success with Large Enterprise in most of their business units. In my opinion this is where the HP Cloud will stay. Speaking with the team, it sounds like HP is focusing on private and hybrid cloud solutions. I don’t see HP really looking to tap into the public cloud market and compete against traditional “public cloud” or IAAS providers. See my blog for IAAS Magic Quadrant Leaders. I don’t think Net New business is something that will be a direct by-product of this initiative. I don’t believe the HP Sales teams are ready to sell cloud at the levels of AWS and Rackspace. HP has the tools and the intelligence to increase and disrupt current market share. Through discussion it sounds like they are banking on the Rogue and Shadow IT situation in their existing customer base to go and “absorb’ those monthly credit card paid cloud solutions from the likes of Amazon and Rackspace etc. This is where I see a kink in the plan… if indeed is what HP is hoping for.

The HP Cloud team put forth some numbers regarding Rogue and Shadow IT which exists in large enterprises and although they were not official, they were substantially high. These rogue solutions are a prime candidate to move over to HP Cloud. However, how easy will it be to have these workloads shifted from their current cloud provider to HP Cloud, if and when they are ready to do so? There are costs associated in doing so. I can easily see a situation where in the interest of keeping things easy… providing approval to keep workloads in the cloud for “just a few more months, until we figure this all out”. Nonetheless, HP Is moving in the right direction with the Cloud and will continue to win market share in the Cloud space. Their investment in HP Cloud will also compliment other solutions.

Watch the Cloud and The New Style of IT Video created by HP.

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