My first look at HP Anywhere at HP Discover 2013

A little info to set the stage

Cloud, Mobility and BYOD has brought about a new type of user / consumer of IT and business applications. The “Prosumer” is the term given to individuals who today are both consumers and IT Professionals. As the “Prosumer” has emerged, today IT, more than ever, has a pressing need to deliver consumer like applications to their users on personal devices.  Transitioning to mobile is not easy for large enterprise. The need for a platform to deliver & consume to users on mobile devices applications in a consistent and effective manner has prompted the HP Anywhere solution. In our discussion one interesting question came up about HP and how they are delivering applications to users on their personal devices. HP internal IT is actually using the HP Anywhere solution. Always nice to see a vendor eating their own food! As HP Anywhere was relatively new to me, I wanted to assemble as much information as I could into one consolidated blog and of course as always provide some commentary and opinions :-).


IT Delivering Applications to the enterprise

Although I know it is the responsibility of corporate IT to deliver applications to their business and IT users, I am noticing that this becoming a more daunting task. I see many IT organizations, not having enough bandwidth and expertise. I have often stated that the “Rogue IT” we often see is a result of IT not having the right expertise or tools to support the business. Also in many cases, without shame and regret I have encouraged the business to source alternative services elsewhere or externally to help meet stringent business needs & deadlines. This perhaps is the value add for HP Anywhere where a common platform to develop and deliver applications can assist in speeding up the life-cycle.

What we all agreed on

After attending the “coffee talk” briefing with the HP Anywhere executive team, the consensus in the room was that companies in all business verticals are having difficulty understanding how they will build and deploy mobile enterprise applications. The applications you provide your workforce will need to enable users to engage with their work whenever and wherever.

HP Anywhere in a nutshell

3 Key Components - Each are explained in depth by reading the Solution brief attached.

The Server

HP Anywhere Client


HP Anywhere Security

HP Anywhere supports single sign-on. The system will authenticate the user once, but will ensure the authorization definitions are carried over to the mobile access use cases.

Below is a video featuring the HP Anywhere team discussing the challenges of delivering mobile apps to the enterprise.

I also came across the following Google Hangout Discussion.

Now that I am back from HP Discover, I may spend some time getting familiar with this solution. Being a HP Software partner, there may some interest from customers who are building a mobile app strategy who may benefit from HP Anywhere and my consulting services :-).

Download HP Anywhere on Google Play or on Apple iTunes

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Here is a link to the HP Anywhere Solution Brief. (Note: this is from 2012)

Full Disclosure:  HP sponsored my T & E to HP Discover Las Vegas 2013. HP did not have any control or influence in the editorial process.  The thoughts on this site are my own.


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