HP Advances SDN with Integrated Infrastructure, Controller and Application Solutions

I had a chance to attend the HP keynote this morning Interop where Bethany Mayer announced HP will be covering all layers by including an SDN controller, and SDN applications, services and solutions that further strengthen HP’s Virtual Application Networks strategy. As a result, clients can achieve the full potential of SDN technologies through the abstraction, programming and automation of their network to improve scalability and agility, while simplifying the deployment of applications and services.

“In the cloud era, clients need a single point of control for the entire network, which enables them to deploy any application or service directly to the user within minutes,” said Bethany Mayer, senior vice president and general manager, Networking, HP. “Only HP provides clients with a complete software-defined network solution that automates manual configuration tasks across hardware, software and applications and from data center to desktop through a single control plane.”

The key components defined;

  1. The infrastructure layer delivers open programmable access through OpenFlow, a networking protocol that automates hardware configurations.
  2. The control-software layer creates a centralized view of the network.
  3. The application layer delivers open programmable interfaces to automate applications across the network.

SDN has recently become a buzz word in the industry however HP is no stranger to SDN. The HPN team has been leading this initiative for years as they continue to develop a robust SDN solution. Since 2007 HP has been constantly innovating around OpenFlow and working with Lighthouse Customer to deliver SDN Controllers and Applications. Cloud adoption will be the biggest driver for SDN in the upcoming years.

More and more devices will be connected via wireless networks. Authentication and knowing where these devices belong in the network needs to happen immediately. Instant on with little or no disruption will become expected and the norm. OpenFlow capable switches will be critical to SDN adoption and HP has announced that today that their HPN portfolio will include 25 Total OpenFlow Switches with a total of 15 Million OpenFlow Ports. As the openflow industry will continue growing including routers, switches, virtual switches and access point, HP plans to leverage this standard to simplify the deployment of applications and services across enterprises and campuses.

Pricing and availability

  • HP Virtual Application Networks SDN Controller is expected to be available worldwide by the second half of 2013.
  • HP Virtual Cloud Networks Application is expected to be available worldwide by the second half of 2013.
  • HP Sentinel Security Application is currently available as an early access program to select customers.