Have you checked your vision lately on Cloud Computing?

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20/20 vision on Cloud Computing

When I was at my Optometrist’s recently, I noticed that one of the computer monitors sported an interesting note “Do Not Shutdown!”  Upon inquiry, I understood that my optometrist was in the process of transitioning to a New Style of IT in his own way.  He recommended bifocals for me so that I can see so that I can see objects in the distance and also angle my eyes slightly to read text at closer distances.  In addition to maximizing my range of vision, he also demonstrated a clear short-term and long-term vision on effectively enabling his business with Cloud Computing.  Have you checked your vision lately on Cloud Computing?

Until recently, the optometrist’s current environment was more the traditional equipment on premise with storage, networking, and compute being on physical hardware resident within their store.  While they had access and control of the equipment within their shop, they were very dependent on the hardware vendor for technical support which became prohibitively expensive.  This small business not only incurred a high capital expense but was also being subjected to even higher operational expenses over time.  Clearly not a viable financial model.

My optometrist wore multiple hats — CFO and the CEO – in order to make a business decision to switch to a Service Provider who is provisioning the enabling infrastructure in the cloud.  Their employees – all 5 of them – Optometrist, Savitha, Tracy, Nancy & Yessenia – are focusing on improving the experience of their customers like me while this Service Provider enables the underlying IT infrastructure.

There are some key aspects that stood out for me from my optometrist’s experience that could very well apply to Global Enterprises of today:

  • Strategy. There is a strategy to focus on the core business competencies and outsource the enabling IT services to another provider.
  • Measurement. There is a continuous monitoring scheme in place that is tracking the cost of IT and the returns from the investments made.
  • Execution. There is a transformation being executed in alignment with their strategy to position their enterprise to be more competitive in the future.

Granted global enterprises have to deal with significantly more challenges and complexities.  However, these scenarios usually can be abstracted to a very simple formula that drives continuous transformation of the enterprise.  Enterprises need to have a clear 20/20 vision – just like my optometrist makes sure his customers do.

Out of curiosity, I asked my optometrist about his biggest concern with all this transformation.  Without missing a beat, he responded: Data. You see, he is most concerned about the customer data resident in the old computers that needs to be migrated to the cloud.  Thanks to his vision, my own vision is in good hands.

How about you? How is your enterprise vision?  Have you been to your Optometrist lately? Please let me know.

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