Enterprise Openstack – HP Helion Openstack

Is there a case for Cloud Computing? Are we there yet? HP certainly thinks so and has invested heavily in what they believe will be the OS that will take over datacenters around the world? Welcome to the Open OS that will power the Cloud – HP Helion Openstack. Not bad for an intro!


OpenStacked powered

The world in which we work, live and interact is changing dramatically with mobile and social technologies no longer novelties. With this data, consumers and organizations have high expectations and are facing new challenges.  Consumers are expecting anytime anywhere access to information while organizations have higher expectations from their IT to generate more value. So what does these mean for business and technology? Fundamentally infrastructures matter to business and the fundamentals need to change in order to deliver this value. Investments in Cloud Computing infrastructures are key in order to adapt and be in better position to thrive. Cloud Computing will become a reality and I truly believe we are at a tipping point. Why buy when you could lease?

Question is are you OPEN TO CHANGE?

Luigi does a good job in one of his latest blog posts covering the HP announcement of HP Helion Openstack - HP RELEASES OPENSTACK DISTRIBUTION – HP HELION For those that are new to the concept, HP Helion OpenStack is a powerful, enterprise-grade OpenStack distribution that delivers everything your business needs for success in the cloud. Get enterprise reliability, advanced security, simplified management, and a rich application platform. After all HP knows a little bit about OpenStack as their Public Cloud Offering runs on it. Can you connect the dots….

As OpenStack has become a topic of interest to me you could bet I will be certainly writing on my thoughts going forward. Last week, I had the opportunity to visit Las Vegas and attend HP Discover 2014 with a couple of my good friends the Sriram Subramanian, AKA “Cloud Don”, Stephen Spector and Amitabh Dey .

As mentioned in the video my main focus at the event was getting the behind the scenes insight on why HP has ventured into OpenStack. We took part in several Cloud Based discussions with HP’s Helion team assessing Use Cases, Client Deployments and reviewed the HP Helion Portfolio. In regards to this blog I would like to quickly discuss how HP Helion came about and why HP has decided to support the OpenStack Community? Going forward, I will be working with Amitabh Dey to provide you with a behind the scenes look at HP Helion Openstack in action.

One of my initial questions last week was why Openstack? Why didn’t HP just not buy a major player in the industry? Why not write their propriety software?  

Well according to HP, they realized that in order to exploit the true potential of Cloud Computing they must make a hybrid delivery a reality. Customers that will adapt to the new reality of IT will use a mixture of Private, Public and managed Cloud. Therefore introducing an OpenStack platform that organization can leverage internally in their Private Cloud model which is “Open” removes the layer of complexity and interoperability. Simply allowing organizations to burst to Public cloud when they need extra resources reducing their infrastructure footprint without vendor lock-in.

So for VMware enthusiasts reading this blog, a similar approach to vCloud Hybrid Service. Only difference VMware vCloud® Hybrid Service™ is built on a vSphere foundation and is compatible with existing on-premise VSphere powered data centers. As for HP Helion OpenStack is an “Open Platform” on-premise hypervisor manager (including KVM,vSphere and soon Hyper-V support) and can be paired with any OpenStack Public Service Provider.

OpenStack in the Enterprise? Does OpenStack have the Enterprise Credibility? 

Openstack has had a widespread adoption since its introduction in July 2010. It started with a collection of two projects (Nova & Swift) and by 2013 there were nine projects in the umbrella. Truly dynamic support from top players in the industry including AT&T, HP, Ubuntu, Redhat, RackSpace demonstrates maturity and appeal. In regards to contribution and community, well it is safe to say with the number of developers working on the projects out number any other open source cloud computing project  It is simply growing in momentum and is getting the recognition and support to be deployed in the Enterprise. The industry believes that gowing forward the obvious choice for a cloud platform must be open.

Are you convinced?

I believe that HP has a lot of work to grow adoption however selecting OpenStack as their foundation to their Enterprise Cloud Strategy will certainly help them. Provided enterprises with free HP Helion Openstack Community edition might help mass customer adoption The full release of HP Helion OpenStack Community will support small-scale private cloud deployments of up to 30 nodes and up to 600 virtual machines. Will we see HP Openstack Community Edition predeployed on Proliant Gen 8 Server in the near future? This definately an advantage when you are  the #1 Server company. Similar strategy to the StorVirtual VSA , looks like the HP products teams are actually talking to each other 🙂

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