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Root Cause Analysis, Network Monitor

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Last month, I had the opportunity to chat with some experts at Uila (pronounced Wee-La). I was interested because I have spent the majority of my professional career working with Enterprise Management Solutions, both small and large scale. Having worked with several solutions over the years, my assessment of the solution is fair, however I must admit, I have not used the solution first hand.

Challenges in Today’s IT Organizations

One of the most common challenges across all IT Organizations are related to the following 4 areas

  • Prolonged time to troubleshoot issues and determine root cause
  • Proliferation of “point” monitoring tools
  • Inefficient correlation and analytics in order to plan and prioritize

What was once considered a luxury for many IT organizations, has now become an essential part of the IT strategy. The ability to monitor critical business services and the underlying technologies which support those services is extremely important.

The ability to drill down and determine the root cause of an outage helps increase the efficiency of the IT organization. Furthermore, identifying performance issues before they happen can help save companies precious time and often in today’s “customer facing world”, the embarrassment of providing inadequate services to the business.

Service Driven Approach

Using agentless and deep packet inspection, Uila provides dependency mapping and has the ability to automatically discover 4000+ applications across the entire stack. This permits visibility into your datacenter and correlation across network, compute and storage insights for Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud-based Data Centers.  A standard Uila deployment is made to manage 1000 physical & virtual devices.

NB: Uila supports (VMWare, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Docker Container, etc.).

Full Stack Visibility

Uila provides IT Teams the ability to monitor the entire IT Stack, which is essential with any comprehensive Enterprise Monitoring Solution. This helps avoid “Swivel Chair Management”, often seen when various point tools are installed. With Uila you monitor the following.

  • End User Experience
  • Application Performance
  • Virtualization Management (VMWare, KVM & Hyper-V)
  • Infrastructure Monitoring (Compute, Network & Storage)

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The ability to view your infrastructure in a single view is both extremely important and valuable.

Admins and Operators appreciate the technology needed to collect the data from the infrastructure, but mgmt. need a bird’s eye view into how “things” are going.

Here you can see Uila’s dashboard technology, which in my opinion is the most attractive piece of the solution.

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Pros & Cons

With my limited interaction with Uila, here are some of the points I immediately came across.


Lightweight agentless monitoring

Deep Packet Inspection

Great Dashboards

Quick & Easy Setup

Virtual & Physical Monitoring


Integration with large scale Enterprise mgmt. and service mgmt. solutions are not evident, but sound like they are on the roadmap.

In my opinion: Integration points with industry solutions is a good way to enter existing customers who have demonstrated a need or maturity level to leverage enterprise monitoring. Attaching to service management solutions could also prove attractive to many organizations.

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