Engage with me today to predict the future at HP Discover

Conference RoomPredicting the Future with Systems of Engagement — this is what I would be presenting on at HP Discover 2013. As I gear up to do so, I’m looking to engage with you to practice System of Engagement in real life. This very blog post, along with your insightful comments, is a System of Engagement in itself. I look forward to your active participation and contribution so that I can share my real-life experiences in “predicting” some of the messages that will be delivered in Session DT3253. Let’s begin!

HP Discover is a System of Engagement right now

Geoffrey Moore characterizes the System of Engagement as a new world, the surface of which Enterprise IT has barely scratched. We have access to brontobytes of information in this new world of Big Data. But if enterprises don’t take the right action, it will remain just that — raw data with minimal realization of financial gains from information — the most valuable asset in the enterprise. Remember infonomics?

Systems of Engagement continuously generate point-in-time transactions, which can then be purposefully analyzed to realize value-added intelligence. These are transactions waiting to be processed with very little investment from the enterprises.

Prediction techniques have matured alongside the emerging diaspora of Systems of Engagement.

HP Labs has executed multiple exercises to proactively analyze various trends. These are just some examples of what could be done with complex analytics tools that turn the tables on computers. Another instance is where such tools have been used to apply sentiment analysis to determine the user interfaces that best serve the needs of the end users.  Also, here are a few instances of Systems of Engagement in real-life, which I’m sure you can relate to.

And therein lies my question to you:

What other scenarios can you think of where such techniques could be applied? These scenarios have to be those where you are likely to get high volumes of data that can be translated into actionable information to predict human behaviors that matter to the enterprise.

Your insight into such scenarios will enable us to:

  1. Obtain a diverse perspective on the real-life scenarios where such techniques could be gainfully applied.
  2. Give ourselves — as enterprise IT — an opportunity to take much more advantage of access to the high volumes of data.
  3. Lay the foundation for a great discussion at HP Discover 2013.
  4. Make this an exercise in its own right to highlight how Systems of Engagement can be used to predict future outcomes.
  5. Gauge the prevailing sentiment in the minds of those who have registered for this session to make it a more meaningful discussion overall.

I look forward to your comments on this post as well as any messages you send me through Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and of course, this Journey Blog.

I definitely plan on giving all your thoughts serious consideration as I continue to evolve my presentation for HP Discover 2013. Also, remember, Information is most valuable – when delivered on time.

I declare this System of Engagement open!

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