Dress up with Wearables to attend the HP World Tour

HP World Tour is a series of one day local business conferences around the world (click here for the schedule) featuring dozens of sessions focused on the hottest topics in the industry today – Big Data, Converged Cloud, Mobility, Security and more. The spotlights on these topics provide a summary of the content to be shared at these events.  The one on Mobility: The Internet of Things and Wearables: Driving the next phase of personal computing is of particular interest to me.  Especially because it brings to focus the next level personal computer with Internet Things and accessories. Right around the time frame when I am looking to augment my work place attire with the wardrobe of the next generation.  Here are some ideas on dressing up with wearables to attend the HP World Tour.

Wear Your Own Devices – WYOD – is fueling the BYOD paradigm providing humans easier options to never leave home without them and continuously exchange information with other devices within the Internet of Things ecosystem.   Listed below are some examples of such devices.

1. Headband. As I walk around these conferences, I’ll wear a brain-sensing headband (like Muse from InteraXon) that helps me do more with my mind by providing timely exercises.

2. Augmented Reality. I’ll wear glasses like Atheer One from AtheerLabs through which I can see an augmented vision of the world around me providing control over various connected devices at different venues across the globe.

3. Ear mounted cameras. I’ll wear cameras like those from Looxcie on my ears, which live stream some of the more scenic views at these locations.

4. Smart Clothing. The time zone differences and travel can wreak havoc on the biological clock.  Wearing a mood sweater like the LED Mood Sweater from Crunchwear with a large light up collar will provide instant insight into my mood du jour.

5. Smart Shoes. Given all the walking involved at these events, I’ll wear shoes that are really monitoring devices in their own right, using a combination of sensor technology, wireless communications and smartphone apps. Shoes like those from the RunSafer Project will closely monitor how and where my foot hits the ground to identify potential problems with my gait.

These are but some of the examples of wearables that can adorn my daily attire.

Some wearables don’t even have to be worn. For example, the Diagnostic Skin, a sophisticated “electronic skin,” which adheres non-invasively to your skin to continuously monitor the body temperature.

In 2014 — the Year of Relevance — I look forward to many of these innovative wearables becoming a reality in a cost-effective manner, as projected by many analysts including Forrester Analyst Tim Sheedy.

Please let me know your thoughts on other devices that can change our attire.

Or maybe not – if you wear devices similar to the ones listed above.

When your sweater indicates that you are in the “right mood,” your headband can tell me what you’re thinking; your ear-mounted camera can show me your outside world; your glasses can show me what you’re watching; while your smart shoes convey if you’re at rest or in motion.

Meanwhile, I’m getting ready to dress for the occasion.

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