Does your company support Workforce Mobility?

For the average person a typical day at the office starts by packing up and traveling to a specific location. Being from Montreal, when the month of February comes the cold starts becoming a pain. Winter boots, scarf, hat, and the black snow throughout the city becomes overwhelming. What am I getting to? Well, I would like to touch upon why it is important for more companies to adopt a Workforce Mobility strategy and not bind employees to an office building. Basically, an organization delivering the right business apps and data to user devices in a way that is efficient and secure for IT and productive for the end user?

Did You Know?

  • More than 60% of enterprise firms and 85% of SMB organizations are looking to initiate Bring Your Own Device (BYOD programs).

  • By 2016, half of all non-PC devices will be purchased by employees. IDC (December 2012) predicted that 122.3 million tablets will be sold in 2012, rising to 172.4 million units in 2013 and 282.7 million units in 2016.

No longer bound to an office, today’s workers can do their jobs from just about anywhere, using a wide variety of mobile devices. The flexibility appeals to many employees, enabling them to be online and productive during more hours of the day or night. Enticed by these increased productivity levels, many employers have embraced their new mobile workforce. At Flex Jobs, they help guide job-seekers to some of the leading, trusted companies that have shown that they incorporate telecommuting in their hiring practices.

Today’s workers are expected to do more in less time, so they expect information to be delivered instantly. Meeting that demand is now attainable however organizations must understand that it is not only about purchasing a technology solution and implementing. It must be a company wide initiative leveraging technology as it has been the major barrier till today.

Although a project of this nature will bring forward numerous challenges, the benefits out way them. MPOV – In order to be the best you need to employ the best. The best today are technology savvy, want to work on their preferred device and have a Nespresso machine at home! So organizations need to make this a priority if they want to compete.

How does your company get started? A pilot project is always a great way to start? In my experience, the remote worker is the one who feels the most pain. The employee that is not local and has a need for seamless access to their information.  The majority of organizations do have a similar policy or procedure (typically painful) for mobile workforces and employees who are connecting to the corporate network via a large number of devices. Re-visit this project. Entertain feedback from your remote employees. Ramp up on new technologies that exist today in the market place.

I have included a short video from VMware introducing their Horizon Workplace solution. At a high level, VMware® Horizon Workspace™ provides an easy way for users to access applications and files on any device and enables IT to centrally deliver, manage, and secure these assets. For end users, the result is true mobility: anytime, anywhere access to everything they need to work productively. For IT, the result is more control over corporate data across devices. Enjoy and feel free to comment and keep this discussion interactive!





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