Deploy backup solutions at remote offices without adding any dedicated hardware

Integrating the remote office into the backup strategy has been a problem for several organization. Cost, complexity, and technology limitations have been a major barrier that have held companies from moving to a centralized approach. At HP Discover, HP addressed this problem with the launch of the new HP StoreOnce VSA.  The goal behind the HP StoreOnce VSA is to dramatically lower the cost of protecting data at smaller sites by providing backup and recovery for virtualized environments. One key fact is that it is heterogeneous allowing companies to run this virtual appliance on VMware or Microsoft, the leading server virtualization platforms. Turn a set of heterogeneous and disconnected physical disk drives in your servers and storage devices into a single pool of logical storage capacity.

Who can benefit from HP StoreVirtual VSA?

Multiple data centers and storage sites can all be managed from a single intuitive user interface. StoreVirtual spans these virtualized VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V environments:

  • Small and midsize businesses. Reduce complexity and cost by co-locating virtualized applications and shared storage.
  • Independent public cloud providers. Deliver new cloud and managed services by pairing StoreVirtual VSA with modular building blocks.
  • Enterprises. Centralize operations and improve resiliency by replicating data from virtualized remote offices into large enterprise datacenters.

Key features and benefits

Virtualized shared storage for a variety of environments

  •  Transform the internal storage of your VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V servers into fully featured shared storage for applications and virtual environments. The StoreVirtual VSA software delivers the scalability and high availability of HP LeftHand arrays to the S of the SMB.
  • Extend the life of your existing servers by virtualizing your environment and using StoreVirtual VSA to convert your server resources into a new tier of storage, or even storage for your testing sandbox.
  • Use StoreVirtual VSA with solid-state drives (SSDs) in your ProLiant servers and blades to provide a high-performance tier for your storage environment. Data volumes that reside on SSD nodes can be migrated to and from both physical and virtual LeftHand clusters, online.
  • HP P4500 Virtualization SAN and Multi-site SAN, each include VSA licenses at no extra charge. Now you can deliver the dedicated performance required for your main site and provide fully featured shared storage and disaster recovery for your smaller sites.
  • Start small and grow big: Avoid up front storage costs by using VSA on existing disk storage today; then move to a physical LeftHand array as your storage needs evolve. StoreVirtual VSA seamlessly migrates all data to any LeftHand array with Peer Motion functionality.

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If you feel this solution might be a fit for your organization feel free to experience the benefits firsthand: Try HP StoreVirtual VSA free for 60 days Below are the datasheets links to support this blog post. 

For more information:
Storage for the software-defined datacenter
StoreOnce Backup Datasheet


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