CT Consultants launches several monitoring appliances as part of their “EMAAS Program for SMBs”

Just in time for HP Discover 2012, CT Consultants is proud to announce its Enterprise Management as a Service Program for SMBs: AKA – EMAAS. Enterprise monitoring is often a complex and costly undertaking. Companies often ignore the fact that their critical IT infrastructure needs to be monitored closely for failure, and performance degradation. Companies often cite a lack of resources and time to implement as well as lack of knowledge being the number one reason this is not done effectively. Often we see companies opt for the freeware tools or “what’s available on the web” to do such an important job.

Let me ask you. Would you trust an alarm company / system who didn’t charge you anything to install and maintain while it protected your home? Will the company really call you when someone is trying to break into your home? Let’s face it… free is free. You can’t complain when the new version doesn’t give you what you want. Nor can you complain if your business is busting at the seams and needs a more robust and scalable solution. This is why we take monitoring serious. We actually don’t like to call it monitoring. We refer to it as Enterprise Management!

CTC has taken a very unique approach to this matter. Over the last year CTC, both a VMware and HP Partner understand what it takes to effectively manage your infrastructure. With this in mind, HP has developed the Operations Management Appliance. For more details please visit oma.ctcinc.ca. From this initial project, CTC has also designed appliances to manage your VIRTUALIZATION, NETWORK & STORAGE. Today the cloud is nothing without these 3 major components. Can your company afford to lose visibility or worse, be affected by an outage in one of these core areas?

The appliances are

  • Shipped on a physical server or on a USB flash drive which can easily integrate into your virtualization farm
  • Pre installed and pre configured for easy installation and integration
  • Come with standard HP Software licensing and support
  • Designed for remote login capabilities for those companies who do not have the expertise on staff to maintain and support these tools

Below is a a little more information on each of our appliances.

CTC is a long time player in the enterprise  management space. CTC also proudly took place in VMware’s Lighthouse Program for Enterprise Management when it launched last year. Only a handful of partners were chosen to participate.

For more information please contact me or email oma@ctcinc.ca

Thank you.